USA: Calves Separated From Their Mothers After 30 Minutes; Put Outdoors To Suffer and Die In Temperatures of -23 Degrees. If You Buy Dairy Products, Then This Cruelty Is Down to YOU.



Our latest investigation reveals how tiny newborn calves were left outside to suffer in freezing temperatures at a calf rearing farm in Nebraska, USA. 



We found vulnerable calves, aged between one day and five months old, confined in pens alone and freezing to death in temperatures that dropped to -24°C overnight.

Exposure to these extreme temperatures resulted in horrific injuries such as frozen limbs and some calves’ hooves separating from their legs. Those that died in agony had their bodies carelessly discarded in the snow.

Sick and injured calves languished for days without receiving medical treatment, with some even left to die in extreme pain surrounded by the bodies of those already dead.

The calf rearing farm is owned by Tuls Dairy, which supply Bel Brands USA – the producers of popular products such as Babybel, Boursin and The Laughing Cow.

Whether in America or the UK, cows are treated as nothing more than money-making machines in the dairy industry. With your donations we can keep exposing this cruelty and stop more animals from suffering this fate.

Thank you for being a voice for animals everywhere,

Animal Equality.




























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