Borneo: Support BOSF and Get Orangutans Back Into the Wild – They Have – 400. Read and See Amazing News Here.


Get Orangutans back into the wild !

Dear Mark

We couldn’t be more grateful to have you with us.

Because of your support, we made history, again!

With our latest release of four orangutans in the Kehje Sewen Forest, the number of rehabilitated orangutans released since renewed efforts started in 2012 is up to 400  !

When you watch this video, remember that it all started with you.


This is just the latest milestone in our efforts to ensure that future generations get to see these magnificent creatures in the wild.

Still, there is more work to be done.

Read this newsletter to learn more about our exciting collaborative work to save our closest relatives.

Thanks for your continued support

Dr. Jamartin Sihite
CEO of BOS Foundation



Release candidate profiles

The release of four more orangutans – Anna Friel, Edgar, Elder and Mori – for the third consecutive time in 30 days to the Kehje Sewen Forest.

Get the profiles, complete with photos at:



Photo – BOSF

Rachel, a Model Forest School Student

In our rehabilitation centres, orangutans learn through the guidance of our surrogate mothers, but they can also learn from each other. Rachel shows how!

Click here for more:


Get away from Plastic bottles – support the Orangutans with a BOS Foundation Aluminum Tumbler



New colour tumblers on Sale

What better way to veer from the use of plastic bottles or disposable plastic cups than by getting our new aluminium tumbler?

Click here for a range of great BOS products which you can purchase to support Orangutan FREEDOM:


Contact Us
Jalan Kumbang No.31
Bogor 16128
West Java, Indonesia

Phone Number: +62 251 831 4468

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