I Think We have Presented All the Evidence Needed to Show That EU Legislation for ‘ the Protection of’ Animals In Transport Is Up With EU Commissioner Fairies ! – Read on and Find Out Why.


I am supplying the following as additional reference / information to the excellent post which has recently been provided by Venus relating to animal transport guides: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/14/eu-animal-transport-guides-animals-are-transported-in-the-best-possible-ways/


The following all directly relates to EU Regulation 1/2005 on the (so called) ‘protection’ of animals during transport. Relevant sections and what they state are given.

A full copy of Reg 1/2005 can be accessed by the following link: https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/en/ALL/?uri=CELEX%3A32005R0001


As an additional reference, we give you a link to a very specific document produced by ‘Eyes on Animal’ in the Netherlands, which specifically deals with the issue of the importance of access during transport.

Here is the link to the report: https://www.eyesonanimals.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Downloads_Eyes_on_Animals_report_Importance_of_Access.pdf


We will identify our own (WAV) specific concerns clearly in relation to the Regulation in the following.


As Venus says in her post:

And we mean: The video work is actually very good, congratulations.
What we do not quite understand, to whom are the videos directed.
To the truck driver?
And before 2018, before the project is completed, did the drivers not know which laws apply to animal transport at EU level?
And now that they finally know, do they have to follow these rules? Or only if they want?

Exactly Venus  – as we will show below, since the implementation of Reg 1/2005 in December 2004, all livestock drivers are supposed to be certified (since then) to ensure they are knowledgeable and competent in the transport of live animals.

If this is the case; then why have the EU wasted a lot of time and money in producing new videos on animal transport (links shown in your post)  ? – is this rather like making a video to instruct a qualified pilot the basics of flying a plane ? – drivers are supposed be certified by 1/2005 since 2004; so what is the real point of these new EU videos; apart from wasting lots of money ?

Anyway; we move on.


EU Regulation 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport declares:




  1.  Road drivers and attendants as referred to in Article 6(5) and Article 17(1) shall have successfully completed the training as provided for in paragraph 2 and have passed an examination approved by the competent authority, which shall ensure that examiners are independent.

The training courses referred to in paragraph 1 shall include at least the technical and administrative aspects of Community legislation concerning the protection of animals during transport and in particular the following items:

(a) Articles 3 and 4 and Annexes I and II;

(b) animal physiology and in particular drinking and feeding needs, animal behaviour and the concept of stress;

(c) practical aspects of handling of animals;

(d) impact of driving behaviour on the welfare of the transported animals and on the quality of meat;

(e) emergency care for animals;

(f) personnel handling animals.


Article 6


  1. No person shall act as a transporter unless he holds an authorisation issued by a competent authority pursuant to Article 10(1) or, for long journeys, Article 11(1). A copy of the authorisation shall be made available to the competent authority when the animals are transported.
  2. Transporters shall notify to the competent authority any changes in relation to the information and documents referred to in Article 10(1) or, for long journeys, Article 11(1), no more than 15 working days from the date the changes took place.
  3. Transporters shall transport animals in accordance with the technical rules set out in Annex I.
  4. Transporters shall entrust the handling of the animals to personnel who have received training on the relevant provisions of Annexes I and II.




(as referred to in Article 6(3), Article 8(1), Article 9(1) and (2)(a))



No animal shall be transported unless it is fit for the intended journey, and all animals shall be transported in conditions guaranteed not to cause them injury or unnecessary suffering.

When animals fall ill or are injured during transport, they shall be separated from the others and receive first-aid treatment as soon as possible. They shall be given appropriate veterinary treatment and if necessary undergo emergency slaughter or killing in a way which does not cause them any unnecessary suffering.




  1. Provisions for all means of transport

2.  Additional provisions for transport by road or rail

2.1 Vehicles in which animals are transported shall be clearly and visibly marked indicating the presence of live animals,


article 2

article 1

Clearly and Visibly Marked ???


WAV Comment – Regarding the last couple of points shown red above, we draw your attention to one of our recent posts on how the industry is not being compliant with EU Regulations when transporting live animals in box type trailers.

Here is the link: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/08/england-sealed-box-type-animal-trailers-how-the-industry-dodges-identifying-what-they-transport-and-the-eu-oks-it/


We ask; when box type trailers are being used:

  • how is access to ALL animals being transported provided for the driver ? – he cannot hear them and he most certainly cannot see them in a box trailer – unless he has x ray vision !
  • As we have clearly shown in our photographs and reports, vehicles ARE NOT clearly and visibly marked indicating the presence of live animals. Is this not what my report from vehicles using Ramsgate harbour proved ? – we included in the report our suggestions as to the labelling which we suggested should be used; and also suggested the locations on the trailer where these signs should be applied.


Nothing has ever been done by the EU Commission to address our concerns about live animals being transported in box type trailers.

So, we add all this up and what do we get:

Nothing much really – we (and many other organisations) provide all the evidence top show that adherence to EU rules are a complete and utter joke within the live animal transport sector;  we show that the EU does nothing except make nice new videos for drivers who are supposed to be fully trained and competent in the first place, and we see a Eurogroup for Animals which does not really do much to address any of the issues; when they are supposed to be the direct link to MEPs at the European parliament, who can make changes to the law !

Fed up; disgusted on behalf of the animals; and don’t even ask me about the Brussels crowd; I think we have now proved they in EU circles are utterly incompetent.

Regards to all – Mark.



We have also today (14/8) attempted to make contact by e mail with the 2 primary contacts at the Eurogroup about the live transport issue; but the following has come back to us:


Thank you for your message. I will be on summer leave until 25 August 2019 and will respond to you upon my return. 

For urgent matters you can contact my colleague Alessia Virone, a.virone@eurogroupforanimals.org

Best regards,

Andreas Erler

Senior Political Adviser, Eurogroup for Animals


And Alessia (the urgent contact) says:


Thank you for your message!

I will be out of the office until the 18th of Augustus. 

I will answer to your email as soon as possible upon my return.

If your question is urgent, please contact my colleague Andreas Erler (a.erler@eurogroupforanimals.org).



But he has just automatically mailed us that he is also on holiday !!!


Strong cup of tea, please !



































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