England: The Hogwood (Victory) Truth Is Now On Video. Donate to Support the Campaign.





“We have got Better conditions than most nursing homes”

Hmm – the video shows differently !

It’s happening now. The meat industry is lying to us all. Hogwood Farm is horrific. All the evidence was there but, for nearly two and a half years, industry and government did nothing.


At first they ignored us – and over 70,000 people came together in protesting the cruelty at Hogwood Farm. The industry attacked us – because factory farming makes them money. They tried to silence us – and Dispatches’ attempt to discredit us backfired because YOU saw the truth.
We’re creating the definitive exposure of factory farming in the UK. Our documentary, Hogwood: a modern horror story, will shine a light on the millions of pigs trapped in intensive factory farms across the UK today.
We won’t be silenced. We will speak out for Hogwood pigs so that millions more people can learn the truth that the meat industry is trying to hide – and make a change for good.
Unlike these huge corporations, we don’t have millions to spend on advertising – but we do have you. Will you help us get the truth out there?


Be a part of the story:



We’ve got 25 DAYS to raise enough money to fund our documentary – the UK’s biggest ever exposure of factory farming. This will be definitive – the truth about Hogwood, and factory farming, once and for all.

The documentary follows the Viva! Campaigns team as they enter Hogwood Farm for the very first time and shows what they found.

It records the public outcry and exposes the negligence and inaction of some of our biggest corporations and government bodies.


Narrated by Jerome Flynn (Bronn from Game of Thrones), Hogwood: a modern horror story has the potential to inspire millions of people to reject the barbaric practices of factory farming once and for all.


With enough support, we will have the opportunity to get the film onto some of the world’s biggest streaming platforms – reaching up to 60 countries with the true story of Hogwood.


You have the chance to be one of the first to support this campaign, and one of the first to be able to say ‘I helped make this documentary happen’.


Will you help us get the truth out there?


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