EU: Make Sure You Sign To Stop Animal Cages in Europe – Links Below.


We’re fast approaching an historic moment in the fight against cages – and you could help make history for farm animals all over Europe right now.


The deadline for the End the Cage Age European Citizens Initiative (ECI) is Wednesday 11 September. This petition, which calls on the European Commission to ban all cages for farm animals, has united an entire Continent against cages.

With the Brexit deadline still uncertain, it’s now possible that signatures from UK citizens may count towards our ECI. And, one thing’s for sure: we must do everything we can to free 300 million farm animals in Europe from cage cruelty.

If you haven’t already done so, please sign the ECI.

In the fight to End the Cage Age, it’s crucial that the voices of UK citizens are heard. That’s why, over the past 12 months, we’ve run two UK-focused petitions: one targeting Britain’s agricultural ministers, the other calling for a ban on cages to be debated in Parliament.

With the support of amazing people like you, we’ve mobilised well over 250,000 people across both petitions and secured the parliamentary debate.

Now, we have a chance to make the voices of British citizens heard by Europe’s decision makers too – an opportunity that we cannot afford to miss. We owe it to the millions of animals – pigs, calves, hens, rabbits, ducks, quail, geese – confined in cages, sometimes for their entire lives.

The ECI must have at least one million verified signatures in order to succeed. All of the signatures collected so far are yet to be validated – that’s why it’s crucial we gain every last signature we possibly can, right up to the finish line.

Together, we can End the Cage Age.

Please, sign the ECI now and call on the European Commission to ban cages for all EU farm animals.

Thank you for taking the time to help give all farm animals a life worth living.

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