Aquarium: End these animal abuse all over




Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, China is considered the largest aquarium in the world and opened in 2014.
This huge factory also includes a full theme park with rollercoasters and co and a walk-in underwater observation dome.
The aquarium should have cost the equivalent of about 2.4 billion euros.
Nine Russian orcas were first introduced at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom Park in 2017, and at least two more entertainment venues will open in the next few years, the park said.

On July 10, 2017, six dolphins, one male and five female, were transferred from Japan to Qinhuangdao Lertao Ocean Kingdom.

delphine für chinesischen Park

This dolphin female lies on a dry cloth, his eyes exposed to the bright, artificial light. She had just been flown from Japan to China when the picture was taken, and she looks exhausted and miserable.
Brain sick people are gathered around her, taking pictures and touching her backs. These poor wild dolphins are dragged out of the water in Japan, taken to an airplane, hung there simply, with no water at terrible noise and stuffy, and those who survive it then end up in a Chinese “seaworld” for the amusement of the Chinese.



In the small Russian port of Nakhodka, more than 100 whales were found in November 2018, caged in small cages. The whales had been caught for illegal sale to China. Now their suffering is over because they were released after a worldwide protest in June 2019.
The animals were reportedly accompanied on their six-day journey by 70 specialists. The whales should be exposed where they were caught.


Incidentally, the second largest aquarium in the world is in Portugal.

portugal jpg

Oceanario de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal was created as part of Expo98.
João Falcato, CEO of Oceanário de Lisboa, says: “We are honored that our visitors continue to value our work and mission to protect the oceans. Thanks to our large and dedicated team we can offer you a unique and unforgettable experience. Twenty years after the inauguration, it is a source of pride and motivation to continue to promote the sea, if you consider it the best aquarium in the world. “
By the way, the operators call it “for the protection of the oceans”

One of the largest aquariums in Europe is in Spain


Oceanografic, Valencia in Spain is considered the largest aquarium in Europe. It was opened in 2003 and on 110,000 square meters are about 45,000 animals.
Among them about thirty dolphins and also sea lions, penguins and other marine life are shown there for amusement.

valencia dolphin show

The big aquarium in Italy

Italy flag

Acquario di Genova, Genoa, Italy, where dolphins, seals sharks and turtles live.
It was opened in 1992 on the occasion of the celebrations for the 500th Anniversary of America and expanded several times. There are 15,000 animals in 71 pools and dolphins are also used for entertainment.


In Canada, a law has been passed and dolphins and whales may no longer be captured to be mistreated for the enjoyment of visitors. Those who do not comply will be fined up to $ 150,000. We have already reported:

Britain has no captive whales. While there is no absolute prohibition on keeping whales in captivity, the rules for their attitude are so strict that no aquarium will ever try to import and display whales.

India, Switzerland, France, Barcelona and Croatia have similar bans, in with India even recognizing whales as “nonhuman persons”.


My comment: It may not be known to many that the largest animal parks that still harbor whales are in Europe.
Why are there laws in Europe that are supposed to protect animals?

Nowhere else is the profit with animals made so much as in the entertainment industry!

Obviously, Europe is not only the largest meat producer in terms of factory farming, but with huge animal parks, whales and dolphins make a huge profit in Europe.

A shame for a continent that wants to assert itself progressively in education, enlightenment and animal welfare !!
And that is being financed with taxpayers’ money.

But after the worldwide and strong protests, even the biggest aquarium industrialists get into trouble.
We stay active and alert!

My best regards to all, Venus

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