Japan: Taiji Dolphin Hunt Is Underway – A Message from Ric; Director of Dolphin Project.



On September 1, individuals across the world took to the streets and stood up on behalf of dolphins. While you held up signs, and helped educate why dolphins should be celebrated, the dolphin hunters of Taiji, Japan readied their boats in preparation for the annual drive hunts. Less than two weeks in, it’s already been a brutal season.

Dolphin Project Returns to the Cove

Sixteen years ago when I first stood on the shores of the Cove, observing in horror as dolphins were selected for “life” in captivity and slaughtered for their meat, we didn’t have the benefit of social media to shed an international spotlight on these atrocities. We do, now – and this truly is the heart and soul of Dolphin Project’s campaign in Taiji. By live streaming and documenting the brutal dolphin hunts, Japan can no longer hide their crimes against dolphins and nature.

Worldwide protests

Thanks to your activism and sharing our images and live streams, much progress has been made. Japanese activists have come back to Taiji, stepping up their fight from within. In many parts of the world, the captivity of dolphins and other whales has been banned. Breeding bans have been enacted. Major tour operators have stopped selling tickets to attractions that keep dolphins in captivity. The tide is definitely changing.

Above – Dolphins selected to become circus performers will never lead a normal life again, now totally dependent on their human captors for food, Taiji, Japan.

Credit: DolphinProject.com

With the Taiji annual dolphin hunt now underway, more than ever, I’m asking for your help. As the only organization consistently on the ground in Taiji, we are determined to keep shining a light on what happens there. It’s imperative we live stream and keep documenting, but we can’t do this without your generous support.

Our field team will be vigilantly documenting the hunts all season, because it is our duty to do so. Together, we must do all we can to end this war against dolphins.


Let’s protect dolphins together,
Ric O’Barry,

Founder/Director of Dolphin Project


For access to clothing, blog, and to donate to support, please go to:



WAV Archive photos and videos:

taiji 2 15

Taiji 4

taiji 7

taiji 6.png

Taiji March 4.png

taiji 5



dolphins free.jpg














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