Canada: Flushing Environmental Protection Down the Toilet – Literally !



We covered this back in January: 


boreal forest 1.jpg

Dear Mark,

There’s no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it: We are flushing Canada’s Boreal Forest, one of the earth’s greatest defenses against climate change, down the toilet.

The majestic boreal forest stores huge amounts of our climate-busting carbon pollution, but it’s being cut at a dizzying rate — much of it for toilet paper.

Toilet paper brand Charmin uses absolutely no recycled paper in its toilet paper… just 100% virgin forest fiber from the boreal forest. This destroys its trees, hurts the livelihood of hundreds of Indigenous communities, and threatens the iconic boreal caribou, billions of songbirds, and other wildlife that call this ancient forest home.

All to make a product that people use once before they flush it away. This has to stop.

Hundreds of thousands of people have called on Charmin’s manufacturer, Procter & Gamble (P&G), to stop this “tree-to-toilet pipeline”. And on Tuesday, October 8th, NRDC will be on the ground at P&G’s annual shareholder meeting, demanding they listen to our collective voice. Will you add your voice as well?

As P&G holds its shareholder meeting, send the company a message that you won’t let them continue flushing our forests down the toilet!

Here’s the deal: every American uses nearly 3 rolls of toilet paper a week on average, and much of the pulp for toilet paper and other tissue products come from the boreal forest.

This very forest holds more than 300 billion tons of carbon in its soils, plants, and wetlands — making it one of our planet’s best natural defenses against climate change.

But the roughly one million acres of land being logged every year puts the hundreds of Indigenous communities’ way of life and the survival of threatened boreal caribou in peril.

P&G should be using more recycled paper in its products. It should not be putting Indigenous communities, our climate, and boreal caribou on the line to make a product that’s used once, then flushed down the toilet. So, while NRDC will be at their shareholder meeting demanding they dramatically reduce the virgin pulp content in its products and increase the use of recycled materials, we need you to share your demands as well:

petition keyboard

Sign the petition and show P&G that the world won’t let them accelerate climate change just for profit.

Thank you for being with us on this important issue.

Shelley Vinyard
Boreal Corporate Campaign Manager, NRDC






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