Joaquin Phoenix: a great actor who stays true to the animals


joaquin phoenix 1Surprise! Some moviegoers in Los Angeles got a special treat Saturday when Joaquin Phoenix made surprise appearances during the end credits to his new blockbuster ” Joker”


Joaquin Phoenix was the “voice” in the well-known film by Shaun Monson “Earthlings”.
We have already reported about the new movie “Dominion” by Chris Delforce, which is considered as a preseason for “Earthlings”.
One of the voices in “Dominion” is that of Joaquin Phoenix.

In short, he is a dedicated and committed vegan who uses his fame above all for animal rights.

Now another film is filmed with Joaquin Phoenix, who has nothing to do with animal documentation and his name is “Joker”.
With Joaquin Phoenix as the lead actor, the film has won the “Golden Lion” in Venice.

In this interview about “Joker” , Joaquin renounced his character’s vivid red suit for a reserved black hoodie for the Animal Liberation Front, a leader-less animal rights organization.


We thank him for that!

Nice, if we have powerful friends to support the animal rights idea!

The Report:

My best regards to all, Venus


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