Toro jubilo: nothing else than medieval barbarism!


Every year in November, Medinaceli is in a festive mood, celebrating the “Cuerpos Santos” church festival, when a bull must be cruelly tortured. “Toro de Jubilo” in Medicaneli, Spaniards call it tradition, which is nothing but a brutal murder in the name of the church.

spanische flagge mit Stier

The “Toro Júbilo” is the most famous festival of Medinaceli. Five campfires are lit in the square of the play, five symbolic campfires, components of the “Sacred Body”: Paulilo, Arcadio, Pascasio, Probo and Eutiquiano. The origin is attributed to the Celtic Iberians.

toro noticia_normal

They put burning bad-luck torches to the horns of the bulls and let them run in panic in the arena: Participants of the traditional festival ‘Toro Jubilo’ roar with criminal energy and let themselves be magnificently entertained by the cruel action, like every mentally weak and primitive proletarian.

For centuries, bulls have been tormented in Medinaceli, Spain, with no chance of ending.


This medieval torture is to attach to the bull a kind of metal frame on the horns, to which in turn balls are fixed, consisting of tar and sulfur. These are lit, after rubbing the bull’s back with clay to “protect” it against the falling sparks !!
The bull is let go and is thus driven through the streets. These balls burn for hours and the strong heat melts the soft and sensitive part of the inside of the horn, causing the bull unimaginable pain.


How strong the pain must be, one can only guess at the terrible and desperate cries of the bull. The tar melts slowly and begins to drip, causing deep burning in the animal. The burning liquid penetrates his eyes and scorches them.

toro jubilo
Not infrequently the bulls throw themselves blind against pain and despair violently against walls, whereby they hurt themselves so much that they often kill themselves. When the party is over, the bull is executed, with the famous dagger blow, known from the bullfights. Days later, his body is served at a feast in the village.


PETA has launched a petition, PACMA party has been trying for years to end this massacre, which is Spain’s shame.

Please sign and share:


My comment: In less than a month, this bunch of mentally ill idiots will again massacre innocent, defenseless animals to death, in the name of a barbaric tradition for which not even the stupidest of God’s believers have understanding.

If one can enjoy with enthusiasm and sadistic fanaticism how innocent and totally defenseless animals suffer and are tortured to death like this, he is nothing more than a miserable monster and  does not deserve anything like own human rights.

For me, it is a mystery how one came up with the idea of calling the human species the “coronation of creation”.


My best regards to all, Venus


2 thoughts on “Toro jubilo: nothing else than medieval barbarism!”

  1. The legislative power of every state in the 21st century should legalize the death penalty or life imprisonment , and psychiatric treatment in closed facilities in , for those who, through their actions or omissions, allow these suffering, animals to suffer.It is time for every state to legally eliminate the rudiments of primitivism which it calls ” tradition ” and for money greedy people farmers that is just blood business. Disgrace.I am ashamed to speak and write about these things, which are clear to the little sparrows but are not clear to the EU ” smart politicians” and ”smart farmers”.


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