Serbian Investigations – An ‘EU Candidate Country’. Do we Expect This from EU Member States ?


I want to pick up again on some of our (SAV) past work in Serbia; not for any specific reason; just that it fits well into the recent post by Venus which deals with stray animals within the EU -here is the link:   – I have also added some links and video footage at the end of this post.

Firstly, welcome to everyone and anyone who visits the site from around the globe – it is good to see you and I hope you and I hope you find our articles of interest.

Secondly, and very importantly; never judge the way of a nation by the actions of just a few folk that live there. Serbia has some brilliant animal campaigners, and it has been my pleasure over the last 15+ years to work with many of them – people who have my full respect and people that I can call friends. There are some great little private, individual shelters where people are doing everything they can for animals – check out this SAV Facebook site of ours to see what I mean:


I threw together some information about Serbian animal welfare legislation some years back – visit here for more of the same:

Today I want to track back to an issue we dealt with many years ago – that of the welfare of animals on some Serbian farms. Please remember, Serbia is currently a nation which is a ‘Candidate Country’ to join the EU. To become a member state, it will supposedly enforce all the legislation required of it under EU rules. But we know these don’t work anyway, and the EU never enforces its own legislation; as we have proven so many times with animal transport breaches over the years regarding Regulation 1/2005.

So, the (EU) rules say that all farm animals must be kept to certain standards – which is a joke really considering how many times we have helped to expose EU wrong doings in the past:


Going back; we looked into specific farm animal welfare in the past. As part of the CIWF investigation / campaign team in the past; I was able to call on their extensive experience to help me with regard a few things about EU / Serbian farm animal welfare legislation. Phil helped me a lot and contributed to one of the articles I did on SAV.

Have a look at these pictures that we published at the time – taken on a Serbian farm:

farm ok 1

farm ok 2

farm ok 3

farm ok 4


If you are / have been a meat eater in the past; would you want to eat meat that has been raised in this way ? – this is footage that was taken undercover on a Serbian farm a few years back. It is totally non compliant with EU standards; as detailed in the following links:

watch the video


Remember, Serbia is now a Candidate Country to become an official EU member state.

We provided our evidence and photographs to the EU Commissioner for Enlargement – Commissioner Hahn; several years ago; as a result, we were ignored; as many animal welfare groups are when they show up the EU for the non enforcement of its own EU standards. We accept that our evidence will be ignored; whilst we hear great words regarding standards coming from EU ‘mouths’.

We also provided photographic evidence of dead pigs which had literally been dumped on the roadside. See the pictures here. Why had they died ?; of what ?; and why were their bodies not disposed of in accordance with proper legislation requirements ? 


Stray animals (Dogs) are a big issue in Serbia as we have recently pointed out. Do farm animal carcasses such as these pigs strewn over the roadside not act as a source of attraction for hungry and desolate stray dogs ? – the whole system fails for animals, whilst at the same time the EU opens its arms to new member states; with the ‘EU Utopia’ prophecy in which there is nothing wrong !


Finally, we also took the issue of Serbian live animal transport to the authorities; who were adamant that sheep exported to Israel for slaughter had not been sent live from Serbia. Some Serbian shelters were also targeted with closure if we carried on with our expose.

serb sheep 2

serb sheep 3

serb sheep 5

serb sheep 8

Now you know why we hate live animal exports !


In the end, the Serbian authorities had to come clean and confirm that the sheep had been shipped live from Serbia. And just for the record, all the shelters threatened with closure by the authorities as part of this expose were left to carry on with their excellent work.


Remember – Serbia is a EUROPEAN NATION – we expect better animal welfare standards of it.


Still to come – out expose of Serbian Zoos and the terrible conditions which animals have to endure – fighting to survive daily whilst the authorities ignore meeting their legal requirements to undertake inspections.


Best regards to all;

For the animals – Mark.



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