Indonesia:We Need to Exceed the Amount Raised for BOS Foundation – Please Give If You Can.



WAV Comment – just because the target has been exceeded; it does not mean it is time to stop giving to this fantastic organisation. Orangutans are having their habitat wiped out due to the Palm Oil industry – and babies are being taken from their killed mothers to be sold on the black market. We need to do everything we can to stop this now. Please continue to give if you can – thanks Mark.




Dear Mark

We were blown away by your generosity on #GivingDayforApes.

With your incredible support, we exceeded our goal and managed to raise $21,567!

This amount includes the matching donation from our generous partner, a private Swiss donor, for gifts up to $5,000, and a hard-earned prize for the «Most Dollars Raised in Asia in a Single Hour».

A huge THANK YOU to you, Mark, for supporting us. With your help, we can now give mother Jubaedah and baby Jubaedi, as well as Titon, the gift of freedom!

We are incredibly honoured to have you standing with us in the fight to help these remarkable creatures.

Best wishes,
Dr. Jamartin Sihite 
CEO of BOS Foundation

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