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Syrian Crew; Registered in the Pacific; A Rust Bucket Vessel 40 Years Old, Ignorant Romania ; Useless EU – It All Adds Up to a Cheap and Nasty Live Export Business as We Have Said for Decades !


The terrible, tragic situation that has happened within the last few days regarding the ‘Queen Hind’ and thousands (14,600 as far as we know) of sheep which were being exported live from Romania to the Middle East simply highlights once again the disregard that the human race has for the animal species.



Lets look at this a little more:


Out of over 14,600 animals being carried; we currently understand that only 33 animals have been rescued. The rest are feared drowned. We understand that the ship was leaving Midia port in Romania bound firstly for Libya.

The main reason for the trouble at present is that we are being told that the vessel was overloaded; which makes sense as to why it was not stable when it overturned just hundreds of meters after leaving the port.

It has also been stated that low quality crew action or inactions also contributed to the disaster. There was a crew made up entirely of 22 SYRIAN nationals; and the vessel; it was registered in Palau, a remote set of islands in the Western Pacific – and it was constructed way back in 1980 – making it approx. 40 years old.


Vessel Details:

Vessel Name QUEEN HIND
Ship type Livestock Carrier
Flag Palau
Gross Tonnage 3785
Summer Deadweight (t) 2154
Length Overall (m) 85
Beam (m) 14
Draught (m)
Year of Built 1980

schafen rettung pg


When the Romanians undertook the export of 70,000 live sheep recently from the very same port to the Middle East; a consignment which we tracked and reported on each day, the EU in the form of EU Commissioner (Andriukaitis) – sent a letter allegedly to the Romanian Agriculture Minister (and Minster of Rural Development of Romania) Mr Petre Daea on 10/7/19 asking him (at the time) not to allow the shipment of 70,000 live sheep to the Middle East due to the extreme temperatures –


Above – The ‘do nothing Commissioner    Andriukaitis

Below – the ‘animal welfare’ ignorant Romania Minister Petre Deae

Image result for Petre Daea romanian minister


Basically, Romania, an EU member state; gave the EU Commission the 2 fingers and continued with the export consignment regardless of the fact that the animals were going to suffer in extreme heat and conditions way outside the limits set in Reg 1/2005; or the standard which nations of the EU are supposed to adhere to when transporting live animals !

Romania at the time ignored all the rules and regulations of the EU when it came to transporting live animals; and yet we (as EU citizens) are supposed to vote for MEP’s and expect that the EU Parliament actually carries some ‘clout’ in Brussels with the Commissions. Maybe we should take the EU for what it really is – CRAP.

The EU bleats on about ‘investigating’ things and looking at the situation, but even by October this year the EU had still not taken out any infringement proceedings against Romania for the shipment of the 70,000 animals –

So what now ? – as all livestock carriers are, antiquated rust buckets converted into carriers when they have passed their ‘best by’ dates; we wait with real interest to see what the EU hierarchy will now do 1) against Romania, and 2) against the entire evil trade of live animals which goes under the banner of ‘live exports’.

This whole incident stinks of cheap and shoddy operation – from a rust bucket carrier vessel, to a cheapo and obviously inexperienced crew from Syria; to the registration of the vessel to some unknown outpost in the middle of the Pacific; to the cheapness of Romania – everything is and has been done on the cheap; and the deaths today of some 14,600 animals by drowning just goes to highlight even more the bent corruptness of this entire trade in live animals around the world.

No doubt we shall read a PR from the EU ‘Eurogroup for Animals’ promising yet more investigations and actions of an EU member state. We say, don’t hold your breath; we have been there so many times before and we all know the weasel words in reality amount to sweet FA. What happened with the ‘Queen Hind’ is an insult to intelligent, decent people; but then we are talking about the EU and the cheap, shoddy export trade which it buries its sick head into.

Shame on them all – a ‘they were going for slaughter anyway’ mentality which we experience from the industry all of the time. A gutless EU and a house full of do nothing MEP’s who ‘represent us’ but don’t have any chance of even holding the EU Commission to account. In a summary word – ‘USELESS’.


Regards Mark


midia map.png


in rememberance

In remembrance of the innocent who suffer under the greed of humankind.

Mass grave in the Black Sea


fracht gekentert


The cattle truck “Queen Hind” capsized on Sunday shortly after departure from the port of Capu Midia on the Black Sea coast of Romania. The 85 meter long freighter had leaked at 12 o’clock with a load of 14,000 sheep for export to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.
A large cargo ship carrying more than 14,000 sheep has overturned off the coast of Romania, with rescuers scrambling to save the animals.
The “Queen Hind” capsized on Sunday morning after leaving the port of Midia, near the south-eastern city of Constanța, on the Black Sea coastline.
All crew members – 22 Syrian nationals – were rescued.
An operation involving police, firefighters and the Romanian coast guard was launched to save the sheep.

schafen rettung pg
At least 32 sheep found swimming near the Palau-flagged ship have been rescued, but many are believed to have drowned.
“We have already saved a small number. They were swimming in the sea,” Ana-Maria Stoica, spokeswoman for the emergency services in Constanța, told the BBC.
The rescue effort will resume on Monday morning after being paused overnight.

Meanwhile, one crew member was taken to hospital with hypothermia.
“He fell into the sea but was very quickly rescued,” Ms Stoica said, adding that the rest of the crew were “all safe here in the harbour”.
It is not yet known what caused the ship to capsize.


midia map


An investigation will be carried out when the operation to rescue the sheep and salvage the vessel is finished, authorities said.

The ship, which left Midia at about 12:00 local time (10:00 GMT), was heading to the port city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia with its cargo.
Built in 1980, the vessel measures 85m (278ft) and has a gross tonnage of 3,785, according to the Marine Traffic website.
It had arrived at the port of Midia on 23 November from the Libyan capital, Tripoli, Romanian media reported.

Pictures show the upended vessel on its side a few hundred metres (yards) from the port, about 20km (12 miles) north of Constanța.
The port is primarily used for the supply of crude oil for nearby industrial and petrochemical facilities. But it is also used by cargo ships carrying live animals from Romania, one of the European Union’s biggest exporters of livestock.


Animal rights campaigners and Romania’s main livestock breeder and exporter association, Acebop, called for an urgent investigation into the overturning of “Queen Hind”.

“Our association is shocked by the disaster,” Acebop president Mary Pana told AFP news agency. “If we cannot protect livestock during long-distance transports, we should outright ban them.”

Another shipping incident involving a large cargo ship loaded with livestock happened in the Black Sea off Turkey’s coast in 2017.
In that case, the Togo-flagged vessel collided with a Russian naval spy ship, which sank as a result.


My comment: Christian Romania shakes sheep under the Palau flag to slaughter kosher to Saudi Arabia. This is how the Cargo Mafia works. Never should a crime come from one source. Scatter risk, they say.
Still legal under EU law.

Usually cargo ships are scrapped at 35 years or sold cheaper.
This floating casket was almost 40 years old. Actually, such a ship had to be scrapped or sold slowly at the age of 30 years.
Scrapping costs money.
And not only.
Why scrap, if the cargo is “just animals” and in such “accidents” the insurance intervenes?

Accident? Perpetrators?
This dirty business is about millions of dollars and has his lackeys everywhere.

So it’s not just the cargo mafia’s fault, it’s the criminal politics of those countries that dictate EU transport law.
And last but not least, the fanatical Carnivore consumer is also to blame who reads such news in the media and breathes with relief that fortunately there have been no human sacrifices.
It was just animals, it can happen!

My best regards to all, Venus



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in rememberance

In remembrance of the innocent who suffer under the greed of humankind.

The last journey


rind in Transportjpg


We wish you a nice time wherever you are now.
We wish you never again to experience suffering.
We wish you that you can finally experience love.
We wish you that you can see your family again.
We wish you warm touches of affection.
We wish you that someone tells you that everything will be fine.

Sleep well in a nicer place than this one.
One day, hopefully, we never have to write those lines again, because then we humans have realized that a short treat on the palate never be worth losing your life ❤️.

(from the blog of Martin Balluch)


My best regards, Venus


Lebanon: mass murder of migratory birds




New committee video shows night hunting for migratory birds: During our bird protection camp in Lebanon, committee staff documented the extent of illegal night hunting for migratory birds. The video can be found here:


Lebanon – At Danniyeh dozens of hunters have been spotted hunting electronic owls and powerful searchlights for sheltered owls, goiters, corncraps and many other migratory bird species.

Our new committee video shows for the first time this shocking footage.
We hope that the publication will pay more attention to the public and to the authorities for this little-noticed form of environmental crime.

Especially nowadays, when people in Lebanon take to the streets every day against corruption and for more democracy, environmental issues are also increasingly perceived.


But there are also happy events in this sad and very dangerous job, and that is the rescue of a small, pretty owl in Cyprus.




Little Owl Saved: A team from the Committee Against Birds slaughter  (CABS) has found an active trap tomorrow morning near the small town of Vrysoulles in Cyprus.

kleine eulepg

They were just in time, because on one of the brutal adhesive traps had caught a little owl. The little owl was quickly released again into freedom. Our team should not have arrived much later, because a short time later the poacher appeared to control his traps. It would undoubtedly have killed the owl.

eule Zyperno

The hunting supervisor, who was informed by us, was able to put the offender on his property two hours later – for the 77 lime rods he has to pay a fine of only € 250!

He will hardly be impressed by that – we will have to keep an eye on his garden.


My comment:There are always these perverse lust killers among us…

People have divided the earth among themselves as property and go so far as to deny the animals on their property the right to live – that is why animals are killed.

Of the many comments that appear in Facebook, you realize that many come up with an extensive anger and there are many who also ask why the Komitte still acts non-violently.
Well, yes! if all these commentators realize that these psychopaths have Kalashnikov, then a non-violent behavior remains the only option. And the few know that the EU allows the shooting of 53 million wild birds (many strictly protected) just for fun!

Wars, torture, persecution, rape, violence, killing and execution as power instruments for the control of fellow human beings are no longer accepted in our cultural circles.
Only in hunting this power may be lived out.
Because in this bloody and mighty war it is the defenseless animals which are delivered as victims.

The hunters lead this war against the wild animals. We will be able to speak of peace in a civilized society when the pointless bloodshed has come to an end.


My best regrads to all, Venus

Congratulations Hawaii –Monsanto’s new defeat!




In Hawaii, the “experimental laboratory” of the chemical giants Monsanto, the year-long struggle of the Hawaiians was worthwhile, because Monsanto pleads guilty in court to have used a banned pesticide.

Finally, in the US, Bayer / Monsanto is being overrun by an ever-growing process avalanche over the controversial herbicide Glyphosate (there are already 42,700 plaintiffs), and lawyers in Canada are launching a $ 500 million class action lawsuit against Roundup creators.


With more and more people protesting in Hawaii, especially as the disease has been proven to increase, Monsanto invested millions of dollars in anti-protest campaigns. Finally, Monsanto has agreed to pay a fine of ten million dollars.

Far too little, considering that Hawaiians became guinea pigs without first being informed. The “paradise” has the highest birth defects. Actually, the EU should respond now, but you were aware that it would be contrary to EU law, if an EU country pronounces a ban on the glyphosate-containing weed killer Roundup?

It is not only unbelievable, it is criminal!


There are already 42,700 claimants in the US. They went to court because the weed killer Roundup is said to cause cancer.
Bayer / Monsanto is also being sued in Australia for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Now, Canada is adding a class action lawsuit.

The air for Bayer is getting thinner and thinner. The large-scale PR campaigns do not help either.

For years people in Hawaii have been fighting against Monsanto.
The scientific and medical evidence of the dangers to human health posed by pesticides is staggering in Hawaii.

When sprayed and the wind blows down from the fields into the city, the inhabitants complain of burning eyes, headaches and vomiting.
Hawaii is Monsanto’s agricultural center and at the same time a huge experimental field for its new products. With 1,381 fields in the state of Hawaii, Monsanto tests chemicals, genetically modified plants and sells seeds to other agricultural companies.

With more and more people protesting in Hawaii, especially as the disease has been proven to increase, Monsanto has invested millions of dollars in anti-protest campaigns, and now has to pay a fine of $ 6 million and $ 4 million to non-profit organizations of the Hawaiian government.

Hawaii protestpg

And another message is likely to shake the chemical giant Bayer, there are more lawsuits against glyphosate added.

Diamond & Diamond, a national personal injury law firm in Canada, is filing a $ 500 million class action lawsuit against various Roundup manufacturers, including the pharmaceutical company Bayer, the owner of Roundup’s Monsanto.

monsanto -Bayer karikatur

“Diamond & Diamond” manages this largest class action lawsuit in Canada against Roundup makers. Currently, more than 60 people are named as plaintiffs, but the law firm announces that it believes that thousands of plaintiffs could come.
Darryl Singer, director of commercial and civil litigation at Diamond & Diamond, says the plaintiffs involved in this class action sought not only financial compensation but also what he calls “behavioral change” so that the same thing will not happen to others in the future products in Canada repeated.

“If there are not those lawsuits that force companies like Monsanto to issue these large checks, the giants have no incentive to change their business practices,” says Singer.
Singer says the plaintiffs have also been diagnosed with other forms of cancer, including brain tumors and lung cancer.

gegen Monsanto pg

More and more outrages are coming to light. It has recently become public that the Group operates a so-called “Intelligence Fusion Center” to discredit journalists and critics.
Revelations show that the billionaire Monsanto spent a lot of time, money and staff to silence unpleasant journalists and critics, but to no avail, as the many complaints show.


My comment: There was a man from the farmer Association on TV, who said that you could drink glyphosate without hesitation, completely non-toxic, nothing happens.
Pity! that he has not even taken a sip in front of the camera!

Now the good news from the newspaper onvista: Bayer: Next glyphosate defeat – jury demands over $ 2 billion – share crashes on the stock market at € 54.35!
Hopefully it goes more down below, then the Chairman is gone, gone, gone!

May they all go broke and to hell!

Best regards to all, Venus

UK: British Shoppers Get Real Fur Products Removed From Stores Selling Them Within 48 Hours of Appearing. Well Done All – the Message Is Now Clear !

UK flagge aquarelljpg


WAV Comment – it was only back to selling fur about 48 hours ago – already UK campaigners have closed fur sales down – well done all ! – top  job !


Mike Ashley’s House of Fraser removes fur products after customer backlash


Real fur clothing disappears from shelves and online.

Fur has been removed from House of Fraser’s stores after consumers voiced anger at the department store’s reintroduction of products that campaigners say lead to animal cruelty.

The department store banned animal fur more than a decade ago but the policy that was recently reversed under the ownership of Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley, who bought House of Fraser last year.

Just days after animal welfare campaigners and customers began voicing their anger at the move, House of Fraser performed another U-turn.

Jackets made using fur from wild, trapped coyote as well as factory-farmed rabbit and raccoon dog from China and fox fur from Finland, were no longer on sale on Friday.


Racks in House of Fraser’s flagship Oxford Street store that had been photographed full of real fur products earlier in the week had been replaced with other items.

A store manager confirmed to animal welfare group Humane Society International that there was currently no real fur available on the shop floor at any House of Fraser sites nationwide.

you did it 2

Claire Bass, UK executive director of Humane Society International, said: “We are delighted to see that cruel animal fur products have been removed from House of Fraser’s website and stores nationwide.

“Mike Ashley has been hit by a tsunami of public protest, with thousands of messages from shoppers shocked and appalled to see this respected high street store turned into a House of Horrors, selling fur from factory-farmed rabbits, foxes and raccoon dogs as well as coyotes trapped and shot in the wild. 

“British shoppers have sent the message loud and clear that fur is bad for business, and has no place on the British high street.


dumb animals fur coat


We urge House of Fraser to publicly reinstate and uphold its long-standing fur-free policy.” 

you did it 1fur is dead



Victory – Party !


England: Doing Nothing Is NOT An Option.



For me personally; doing nothing is NOT an option !

  • I just wanted to show you some photos from my collection about great animal campaigning days I had in Europe.


I think Monica took this photo of ‘my back’ when we were touring the EU back in 2005.

Making Animals Matter


There were both Summer and Winter tours – I was involved with both, and the Summer one at least allowed you to wear just a T shirt rather than wrapping up in thermals for the Winter. It was cold, real cold; unlike the mild winters we seem to always get now.

Tour 1.jpg

Above – the thorn between 2 Roses – me with Monica (right) and Nanda (left).


Working on behalf of CIWF we took the tour truck all over the EU – the truck was fitted out as a special walk through display where you entered at the back, met the veal calves in transport; then progressed on to a complete mock up of a battery cage system as used in the EU. Also shown were pig farming methods complete with fake pigs and farrowing crates and stalls.

Tour 2.jpg

Tour 3.jpg

Tour 5.jpg

‘Welcom’ to our road tour – the greeting for Dutch visitors.


Finally you moved on into the front section where you were shown ‘good and bad’ foods to purchase at the supermarket; outlining their impact (good or bad) for animal welfare. Outside the truck we had video screens continually showing footage of the systems; and the truck was kitted out externally to look like an animal transporter at the read; moving forward to systems which were better and did not involve intensive farming, A 2 view truck, bad at the rear, good at the front.

It was a good, productive tour, spreading the ‘intensive’ system word to many tens of thousands of people. In the Netherlands we even had personal permission from Her Majesty the Queen to park the tour truck in front of the Royal Palace for a few days to get the maximum attention; which we did, with thousands of people passing through to learn more about intensive systems and animal factory farming. The Dutch police were very supportive and helped us a lot.

Tour 6.jpg

Above – Eco Centre; beautiful de Kleine Aaarde in Boxtel


In the Netherlands we also visited de Kleine Aaarde in Boxtel   which is a massive and beautiful ‘Eco Centre’ which deals correctly with all aspects of food, the environment and animal welfare / farming issues.

We had a great time on the tour, spreading the word (with examples) of the real bad things relating to animal intensive farming. I can remember sitting down by the canals having a pizza with Monica, Nanda, Geert, John and Wayne after a busy days campaigning on the road. Memories which will always stick with me.


Wonderful John from CIWF came out for a while to visit us; and it was here that he and I spent many good hours in my car checking out the veal institutions of the NL; as well as a bit on live horse transport. John; taken way too early like all good people; he more than did his bit.

I was then and am still an angry young Turk when it comes to animal suffering; I hope this inspires you to get out and campaign !


Super memories; fantastic people; all dedicated to stopping suffering.

Regards Mark.

Tour 7.jpg

Above – waiting near a school for all the children to come and visit – and learn about it all.


Tour 9.jpg

Above – when we got back to England, we used the calves to stick the them Prime Minister, John Major, into a veal crate to give him a feel for what he was sending British calves to Europe for.


Like this below – a British calf is restrained in a European veal crate.

Veal EU 2

Tour 4.jpg

Above – ‘Scania Rules ok !’ –  me taking time out with the tour truck at a free range chicken facility.

Gadhimai is everywhere


Soon, this massacre will begin in honor of the goddess Gadhimai, in Nepal.

“Why can’t we have tradition, but without slaughter?”
It is and remains animal cruelty, no matter what else similar happens in the world.

Animal Equality is once again working to end animal sacrifice at the Gadhimai festival, an event where thousands of animals are in danger of being brutally slaughtered by festival attendees. The festival, taking place in Southern Nepal with violent animal sacrifice as the main component, happens every 5 years and has been subject to intense backlash from animal protection organizations like Animal Equality.


ANIMAL SACRIFICE MUST END: Today we are launching an international campaign calling for a ban on all animal sacrifice at the Gadhimai festival, which begins December 3rd. We will also be conducting an investigation documenting the various horrific and illegal practices taking place in the name of animal sacrifice at the festival. The campaign includes an online petition urging the Government of Nepal to:

Direct all agencies to prevent and stop animal sacrifice at the Gadhimai Mela (festival).
Introduce a strong law banning animal sacrifice in Nepal.
Encourage devotees to donate blood or have attendees symbolically sacrifice white pumpkins, gourds, etc., instead of sacrificing animals.

schlachter in Gadhimai

WHAT WE’RE SAYING: “It is undisputed that the ritual of animal sacrifice is part of our human history. However, it should definitely not be a part of our present or future. As we evolve, we must discontinue traditions which involve the senseless torture to sentient beings,” says Amruta Ubale, Executive Director of Animal Equality India.


OUR WORK IN 2014: Thanks to our tireless campaigning and collaborative efforts during the last festival in 2014, there was an estimated 70 percent reduction in the number of animals sacrificed compared to 2009, where approximately 200,000 animals were sacrificed.

According to some reports, the total number of animals sacrificed at the festival in 2014 was around 30,000. Many measures were taken to lessen the violence. For example, our work reduced the normally two-day long buffalo slaughter to half of a day. This resulted in the number of buffalo killings being reduced by at least 80 percent (less than 2,000 in 2014, as opposed to the planned 10,000).


THE FESTIVAL’S HISTORY: The Gadhimai festival dates back to about 260 years ago when Bhagwan Chaudhary, a Nepalese farmer, dreamt that his problems would be solved if he made a blood sacrifice to the Hindu goddess Gadhimai. To make the sacrifice, he used drops of his own blood from five parts of his body.

Believing the sacrifice was a success, the ritual of blood sacrifice to Gadhimai was born. Ever since the farmer’s initial blood sacrifice, hundreds of thousands of animals have been violently slaughtered by devotees taking place in the ritual. The festival now takes place every 5 years in the Bariyarpur, Bara District of southern Nepal.

THE PATH FOR CHANGE: In an effort to discourage animal sacrifice and introduce a meaningful way for devotees observe the ritual peacefully, Animal Equality is collaborating with the Red Cross Society of Nepal to organize a blood donation drive. Here, the devotees can give their own blood to take part in the ceremony honoring Gadhimai. Giving blood in this way will end the need for killing animals at the festival and remove the negativity that surrounds it. The act will also help other people by increasing the reserves of the blood bank.

slogan gadhimaipg

WHAT YOU CAN DO: The violence of the Gadhimai festival is undeniable, but thanks to our combined efforts, the number of animals sacrificed is exponentially decreasing. There is still much work to be done, as thousands of animals are in danger of being killed. Please sign our petition calling for a ban to animal sacrifice and share this post with your networks. You can change the future for these animals.

Petition, please sign and share:


My comment: “Religion is the opium of the folk,” Karl Marx had said.
Whether in India, Japan, Faroe Islands or anywhere else, all countries find the excuse of religion, tradition or food always and everywhere: to massacre animals brutally for Nepalese rituals, to torture bulls with burning horns on open roads, or to slaughter enslaved pigs by machine.

For today we can say: “Meat is the opium of the folk”.

In Germany in 2013, the number of slaughtered animals was 765,000,000. Of course, all sterile and humanely killed !!! Especially, of course, without a camera!!!.
Luckily, all livestock live on us like gods … and have a happy life until they come to our plate.
And by that we mean to stay morally much higher because the public is unaware of the blood and violence in the slaughterhouses.
Nevertheless! We don`t  put the question: what is better, because a wrong does not make the other better. Trying to put it into perspective is miserable, relativizations never did any good.
The massacre in Nepal is and remains a blood orgy and for these victims our empathy and compassion is just as limitless as for the daily sacrifices in our slaughterhouses.
At least, for those who don`t eat animal corpses.

However, how one would like to familiarize a child, who has enjoyed this blood orgy, the next day in school with a responsible use of animals, at least as a normative ideal, only the said gods know.

My best regards to all, Venus