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Our loyal commentator eparslavicaepar has posted a comment on my article ” new mobile coffin from Midia to Israel”, which I absolutely want to comment.

It reads: “What should we do? Stop the criminals or wait for some aliens from the Universe to do it. Would Hitler and Stalin stop killing themselves?”

First of all, one has to say that Stalin was not defeated or killed by anyone.
Hitler had powerful enemies who had their own interests in his fall, and for that reason he was betrayed from internal circles.
So far so good with the story, but I think, even if that is clarified, does not matter for the particular concern.

Because the farm- milk- animal transport- laboratory Mafia has no enemies, on the contrary! it has many lobbyists and 7 billion supporters who inhabit this planet and are primarily to blame for the fact that this fascism continues to exist and will exist against non-human animals.

So I fear that the question of the salvation of animals from their slavery and human fascism will be unanswered.
I do not know what we should do.
Do you know that? Or someone else?
In our experience, we can say for sure that not just a person, an organization or an action brings results.
Everything and all together can make a difference.
We can also say that without us this system would have made his criminal work much easier.

We’ve achieved a lot, but despite animal welfare law and regulation of human interaction with animals,  animals are still considered things.
Even a very best animal protection law does not grant animals any rights, but only restricts the human power of disposal against animals.
Human animals enjoy their legally protected rights. For non-human animals a two-class justice applies.
They are under the power of those who have rights.

In this sense, the liberation of animals is impossible as long as animals are not recognized as persons who are judged and respected under the same moral system as humans.

As much as these facts us, animal rights activists and empathetic people, pain, it would be disloyal and immoral to end our struggle because our adversary is a fascist system that is hard to defeat, and because the people we deal with and with whom we live are the real culprits.

Animals have no one but us.
We do everything we can until their rights become reality.
It is very likely that we all who are writing now and here will not experience this victory.
Others will continue to fight, maybe better than us, maybe not, but this fight must never end.
We owe that to our clients.


Best regards, Venus

One thought on “the unanswered question…”

  1. Evil rules humanity, there are 7 billions senseless cruel humans but .. there is a Hope : ,,never doubt that a small group of people dedicated to a goal can change the world. And the truth is, that’s always the case ”- my free translation – Margaret Maeda. I am selfish, I want meet my freedom together with freedom of my friends-animals, our freedoms are intertwined, they are always together So we must better fight, and we will, together. As Shakespeare said in the 66th sonnet, love will save us and our friends, while profiteers are led by greed and hatred, we are with much more powerty.


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