Austria: the dirty propaganda of the media




Excitement about an aggressive, runaway bull in the Tyrolean Ötztal. Ultimately, the colossus had to be killed by a shot.

ausgebüxter stierjpg

At 9:45 on Friday (29.11.), a bull intended for slaughter was transported by a farmer on a cattle trailer to a butcher in Längenfeld. Already when opening the side trailer doors the extremely aggressive animal (!!!) stormed out of the trailer. Neither the farmer nor the butcher could tame the bull.

Run in the woods
As the animal subsequently ran into an adjacent forest above the Ötztal highway, the road had to be closed by officers of the police Sölden for the duration of the mission for security reasons in both directions. After the animal had run uncontrollably on the main road, it could be shot there by a targeted shot of the locally responsible hunter.

No people were injured during deployment.

And I mean..This is how the propaganda of the media works. In all countries.

In advance, they baptize an innocent prisoner as an “extremely aggressive” animal so that the imminent execution appears just as a protection of the public.

Even though this public, in no way experienced anything of the “aggressiveness” of the slave, a plausible reason for the execution must be invented, otherwise even the last idiot remembers the executions of the Auschwitz inmates, if one wanted to flee over the barbed wire to escape.

Today (at least in most European countries) executions of humans are abolished, and these of animals happen top secret.
Public executions, as in this case, happen to those who are born as flesh, not as a living thing with emotions but only as food for human animals.

After this shit article, the fascist moral lesson persists that legality can be misused as a guideline for morality.

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Austria: the dirty propaganda of the media”

  1. I agree.
    In English, they use the term:” living thing”, instead of : ”living being”. The thing does not have a beating heart and the thing is not a person, while every living being is a person, not a living thing nor dead thing- just the thing, and person is not a property nor food- just a person. I do not know what are things in German language, but in Serbian animals are treated as an objects , not as a the subjects. A “thing” cannot be alive, and whoever has a beating heart can not be a “thing” nor an “object” nor a “property” , nor a ”human food” but can be a “person” . Sorry, English is not my first language, but I hope you can understand what I want say. Animals are persons the same as human child, animals cannot be property, nor ”living ” things , nor ”objects”, animals have the same feelings as human child and deserve freedom and everything the same as human child.


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