Germany, its dirty press and an execution!

International media already report on the “German racoon”.

It is the story of that raccoon who ran around the Christmas market in Erfurt, Germany, on Saturday, peacefully but shakily, and finally was shot dead.
The animal was apparently not brought to the animal shelter as originally planned to be cared for there – in the end, a hunter picked up the animal and shot it.

And the dirty, the sold press of Germany constructed a perpetrator friendly scenario, as we know it from the days of the Ex-German Democratic Republic (GDR) Regiems, to which formerly Erfurt belonged..


banane rep deutschlandpg


The first reports describe the weak, rickety raccoon as a peaceful guest of the Erfurt Christmas market, which upsets the believing Christians just because he was a raccoon.
He was a shaky, weak raccoon, who even played with the shoe strings of the visitors, and apparently looked for a quiet place to lie down.

waschbaer-the wild raccoon…


A police spokesman has spread the outrageous message that the animal was heavily intoxicated because it was seen that it licked the glow wine leftovers !!!
The informations were contradictory from the beginning: the animal shelter did not want to take the animal, because it was wild (!!!), the fire department could catch it in a basket and finally there was the official executioner of the city of Erfurt, the hunter,
who executed it.
The shelter of Erfurt immediately deleted the post from its Facebook page because the Shitstorm was great.
Also great was the reaction against the city of Erfurt, the the town hall even got threats.

waschbaer-erfurt-racoon-pgthe extremely dangerous animal…


Shortly after the Shitstorm in all media has said Daniel Baumbach, the spokesman for the city of Erfurt, that the animal was not drunk, butobviouslyill!!

This “obviously” was provided by a “veterinarian,” who by remote diagnosis found that the raccoon was infected with distemper (a disease).
On the same way, we also found by remote diagnosis that the veterinarian suffers from brain abnormalities!

And it turns out that the policeman and not the raccoon was drunk. A remote diagnosis from us to!!

waschbär am Bodenjpg

the raccoon just wanted to rest…


One more important Information must be added here:

The animal had to be handed over to the hunting lessee, which stipulates an EU regulation:  “The raccoon is on the EU list of invasive species. According to the EU- regulation, the stock of these animals would have to be greatly reduced, as they endanger snakes and birds!!”

And so we are back on the topic “animal welfare” by our girlfriend, EU!
Wherever it is about murder and suffering to animals, the EU is the employer.

Here in Germany we have a humorous so-called “Animal Protection Law”. It says:  “No one is allowed to cause pain, suffering or harm to an animal without a reasonable reason”.

Only if the EU and its lackeys want it …..
then every reason is a reasonable reason.
That’s what I understand under Fascism.

schönes Zitat über Zivilsiert seinpg

(See the video under the last link)

My best reagrds to all, Venus

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