Germany: Free fire until there is no wolf left!

Despite EU-wide official protection status, wolves have to fear for their lives in many countries. How could Germany be missing from the list?

banane rep deutschlandpg

To protect sheep and other farm animals, wolves will be easier to shoot in the future. This is provided for in a grand coalition bill that the federal government passed after a long dispute.

According to the plan by Environment Minister Svenja Schulze, it should also be possible to launch it in the future if it is unclear which wolf attacked a flock of sheep, for example. It should be possible to shoot wolves in the area until there are no more attacks – even if an entire pack is killed. However, the state authorities have to approve each shot individually. In addition, hunters should be regularly involved in advance.

erschoßener Wolf

The wolf enjoys a high level of protection through international and national regulations. The EU’s central nature conservation law is the Fauna-Flora-Habitats Directive, or FFH for short.
The focus is on the species and habitats listed in various appendices.
For the wolf, this means not only a basic prohibition of killing, but also more extensive prohibitions of disruption.

In Germany, the requirements are implemented via the Federal Nature Conservation Act. Wolves are strictly protected throughout Germany. In the event of violations, the public prosecutor’s office takes action. Depending on the offense, fines of up to five years’ imprisonment or high fines are possible – but they are almost never imposed.

Aufgehängter Wolf mit schönem Text_n

“No understanding of wolf romance”

After the wolf was considered extinct in Germany, it has spread more strongly again in recent years. According to the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, between 275 and 300 adult animals currently live in Germany. The increased attacks by protected wolves on sheep and other livestock have long caused heated discussions between farmers and conservationists.

639 Wolf attacks, 2067 animals were torn nationwide last year (!!!), said christian democratic union (CDU) MP Hermann Färber. Most of them are sheep or goats.

In total, around 1.6 million sheep are kept in Germany.

Schafmutter mit gestohlenen Lämmer_n

“The protection of the wolf is also important to us. But it must have limits,” said Union faction vice president Gitta Connemann of the news agency dpa.
“In densely populated and economically used areas, conflict-free living with the wolf is not possible. For good reason nobody has understanding for wolf romance there”!

Cracks now threatened livelihoods, shepherds would have to give up (!!!)


My comment: The problem with German politicians is not only that they are outrageous agricultural lobbies, but that they want to sell us all for stupid.

Speaking of “problem wolf”: So if a wolf eats a certain number of sheep to survive, is it a “problem”?
Then how do we define people who, for sheer pleasure, first torture millions of animals in animal factories to brutally kill and eat them? And as I said, even optional!

Furthermore, the entire discussion is hypocritical and systematically initiated by the hunters. There is a competitive situation for hunters and wolves. Around 1,300 wolves currently live in Germany.
According to the German Hunting Association, 840,000 people have a hunting license. Everyone wants to keep it and enjoy their roast game. Where’s the wolf’s livelihood?

Of course, then he has to fall back on the grazing animals.

Human being, as a rationally reflecting individual can assess the consequences of his actions (killing). The wolf can’t do that. So I don’t know why these animals should be killed because they kill animals.

But the reason is somewhere else: there are countless politicians with a hunting license or they are happy to be invited to hunt. Then it goes without saying that this shameful, underhanded and fundamentally illegal law is approved drawn beforehand.

Hunters and Peasants: Be honest at least once: you take care of your meat and if an animal competitor defends your economic interests, of course it must be eliminated.

And then the life of other creatures just has no value for you. Both that of the sheep and that of the wolf.

lämmer in kontainer_nWhen farmers say: we love our animals…


My best regards to all, Venus

2 thoughts on “Germany: Free fire until there is no wolf left!”

  1. Because they are homo sapiens sapiens, genetic fruit eaters, eating meat, milk, eggs, politicians around the world are sick of chronic-non-communicable diseases, supported by kil-religion leaders and profiters sick too. Because they all are seriously ill, they lead us the wrong way.In two steps, we can go back to the correct path: 1. Establish the personality of all vertebrates by the Constitution, 2. Legalize the death penalty for extreme crimes: torture, use, exploitation, killing of vertebrates.Both steps are rooted in scientific knowledge gained through the centuries to the 21st century.At present, all of our leaders are leading the wrong path that is inconsistent with scientific knowledge, and immoral too.


  2. The picture of the baby lambs in the garbage bin says it all…for farmers to say they love their sheep, lambs, cows, etc., as a reason to kill more animals-wolves-, proves that it is all a lie just to murder!


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