France: the hunters’ thirst for murder knows no border

“A government decree allows the prefects to anticipate the opening date of the hunt to June 1, 2020.”
While the wildlife of our country, (France) is barely emerging from a respite with confinement, the government gives all the freedom to act to the prefects to anticipate the 2020-2021 hunting season by 2 months!

In many French departments, since June 1, 2020, it is possible for hunters to shoot on sight boars, roe deer, foxes and even deer.
For hunters, the desire to kill cannot seem to wait for the end of summer!
Now it is the season of births.

Many “bambi” like this will become orphans and die. Indeed when he is not old enough to flee and in case of danger, “bambi” flattens on the ground while waiting for his mother to return

… if she returns..


And I mean…Hunters are terrorists, killers, and liars!

Terrorists because they spread fear and violence.
Murderers because they kill out of sheer lust for murder.
And liars because they pretend insolent lies for their behavior. ..

That this biological dung construct still exists is due to the support of some (hunters) politicians, and to a cowardly society that keeps the hunting terror in the forest and nature alive with its silence.

But the time of intimidation and lies, the time of the psychopath gang that thinks they can do what they want in the forest, is finally over.

Hunters! Shoot yourself and your stupid political followers immediately with you.


My best regards to all, Venus

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