Journey to death

Agony journey of a hundred thousand lambs sent from Spain to Saudi Arabia

100,000 Spanish lambs are being shipped by boat to Saudi Arabia without guarantees of animal welfare and to be slaughtered without stunning.

spanische flagge mit Stier



The animals that are being loaded in the ports of Cartagena and Tarragona have to endure 10 days onboard until arriving in Saudi Arabia. In the Arab country they will be slaughtered following the halal rite; Beheaded and bled to death being fully conscious.



The report carried out by Animal Equality shows the entire transport process from the feedlots until they get on the ships in the port of Cartagena.

The animal-based NGO launches a campaign directed at the European Commission and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food demanding the end of long-distance transport to countries that do not guarantee basic animal welfare standards in the EU.



And I mean…In order to understand that we are dealing here with system-inherent criminals and that the NOT documented suffering is much, much worse, one would only have to add up one and one.

Thousands of such videos can still appear, the lackeys and EU officials rationalize this further as a “blatant exception” and “individual misconduct of a transport company”.

The main thing is that the animal transports must continue to run, continue to sell meat, no matter how … slaughter … slaughter … slaughter …

-60-Minutes-Live-Export-schafen 816x459
Therefore, the EU Commission has no right to exist.

My best regards to all, Venus

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