A vacation of a special kind

Do you fancy a very special adventure vacation?

Then book two weeks full board for the whole family in our beautiful hotel ” Pig fattening facility” in Lower Saxony, Germany!

Escape everyday stress and enjoy dullness and boredom in a tight box.

Experience day and night up close how beautifully warm and soft it is in your own excrement, feel well and be pampered by our four-star cuisine.

Gen-Mai, Gen-soy, animal meal, kitchen waste, growth hormones, and antibiotics are just a few examples of our extensive menu.

Switch off and leave your children to our specialist staff who will neuter them for a small surcharge without anesthesia.

karikatur über schweinemastanlage als Pension

The highlight is an adventurous journey through Europe (without food and drink).

Let yourself be driven onto a ramp with electric batons and squeeze yourself into a stinking truck with your loved ones and other holidaymakers.

If you reserve early, you will receive one of the coveted window seats!

As soon as you have reached your destination, our specialists will bring you into the waiting room after a “welcome electric shock” (if you are still alive). Then it’s time:

An employee hits you on the head with 360-volt electric pliers and cuts your neck before you stand on a chain on your head.

This is pure adrenaline!

A UNIQUE experience!

The beautifully situated house is furnished with little attention to detail.

The holiday boxes for 1 person are tight and uncomfortable.

Participation is at your own risk and the organizer assumes no liability for accidents or damage during the adventure trip through Europe.

14 nights full board for 4 people only 673 euros.


My best regards to all, Venus

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