Animals bred for hunting

Hunters like to call themselves conservationists and often claim that they take care of nature and the animals in their territory. The fact that hunters kill wild animals is inherently contradictory – but did you know that animals are even bred specifically for hunting and then released so that hunters can shoot them as live targets during hunts?

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Pheasants offered on eBay for 10 euros to kill

This is common practice when hunting pheasants, ducks, and partridges.
Hunters buy the animals and release them to kill before hunting. For example, pheasants can be bought for 10 to 20 euros on eBay or in pheasant shops, where thousands of them are bred in a confined space.

On some websites, the animals are offered depending on the season at a unit price of 10 to 14 euros. Even more macabre: When purchasing larger quantities, there is often a discount of up to 50%.

What is the so-called “cherish”:
So that not too tame animals are killed during the hunt, the respective state hunting laws stipulated the deadline before which the animals must be released. For this purpose, hundreds of ducks and other birds are often released specifically to waters.

So that they stay there until the start of the hunt, it is allowed to feed them. The attached feed and the droppings of the numerous birds often damage the water sustainably.

In addition, the animals that are accustomed to being raised by humans continue to be tame from feeding and run unsuspectingly towards their murderers while hunting.


Fear of death while the “drift and pressure” hunt.

During the “Drift and pressure hunts,” the animals are pursued by drivers and hunting dogs in front of the shotguns and rifles of the hunters.
The animals flee in panic for their lives – often via streets and through settlements.

Game accidents during hunting are unfortunately not uncommon and can be fatal to those involved, particularly due to large wild animals such as wild boars.


It also often happens that animals are shot but not immediately killed.
They then flee in panic, with gunshot wounds on the body or on the wings, until they succumb to their injuries and die after several days of agony.

Hunting is not nature conservation

The targeted release of animals for shooting shows that hunting has nothing to do with nature conservation.
On the contrary – the ecosystem is being completely confused.

Renowned wild biologists confirmed many years ago that hunting is not suitable for regulating wild animal populations, but is counterproductive.

schliefanlage mit hund und fuchs_o

Studies show that hunting leads to earlier sexual maturity in wild animals.
In hunted areas, the population grows faster, as wild animals compensate for the death rate with stronger births in the next generations and, moreover, more individuals take part in reproduction than usual.

On the other hand, natural regulation of wild animal populations takes place through environmental influences such as weather, food availability, or diseases.

Areas like the Swiss canton of Geneva, where hobby hunting has been banned for over 40 years, clearly show that nature regulates itself.


And I mean…EVERYTHING that hunters do, no matter what they say and what they actually do, serves only ONE goal:  to preserve the hunt!
Hunting is a murderous hobby. No more, no less!

NO hunter in Europe has been forced to hunt.
Especially here in Germany, nobody is forced to lease a hunting ground and no one is forced to take part in a hunt for a fee.
Those who hunt kill for pure pleasure.

What state of mind can I expect from someone who cowardly shoots an animal from the ambush while it is eating, although he does not need his flesh and skin for life at all and then he calls it  “hobby”, “nature conservation”, “species protection”, “disease protection” or “tradition”?

So if a hunter stands here and claims to be a conservationist, he is lying.
Hunters want to kill. No more and no less!

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Animals bred for hunting”

  1. Thank you, Venus, this is true. You are absoletely right about hunters. The animal killing is a shameful nature resoursce capture business based on the society’s and EC institutions’ deceiving in EU member state Latvia.

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