Holland: shutdown of the fur farms, in a hurry: by the end of the year !!!!

For a good start to the day!


After the coronavirus outbreaks in Dutch mink farms, all of this type of farm in the country should, according to the will of Parliament, be closed by the end of the year.


A corresponding proposal from the Social Democrats and the Party for Animals was passed yesterday.
The Parliament also called on the government to ban the breeding of animals “susceptible” to the coronavirus.

The Dutch authorities had more than 1,500 minks killed in the past few weeks after the virus appeared in nine farms. At least two employees of the farms contracted the pathogen.
The authorities assume that the virus has been transmitted from the mink to the employees.

According to the animal welfare organization Humane Society International, there are currently 128 mink farms in the Netherlands. The breeding of mink fur was fiercely controversial in the country even before the virus broke out.




My comment…And since we have failed miserably as a species, we would like to thank the pandemics for intervening and perhaps doing what we are currently not able to do – namely abolish fur farms.

It would be optimal to abolish the torture farms of ALL breeding animals, and the current mass infections in slaughterhouses can be a good start in this direction.

Over the years we have learned to be patient and therefore we look forward to small successes too.

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Holland: shutdown of the fur farms, in a hurry: by the end of the year !!!!”

  1. Other viruses can also mutate, pass from animals to humans, and then spread among humans. We, so far and now, have the wrong approach, there can only be shelters, sanctuary centres and there must be no farms and slaughterhouses: feeding grounds for viruses. ‘Animal agriculture’ must be abolished, best of all: by the end of 2020.


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