Horse Riding: don’t use your friends

Most people who go horse riding do it because they love horses. They enjoy the joint movement, make sure that the animals do not injure themselves as much as possible, and take good care of them by feeding them and keeping them and their stables clean.

Nevertheless, the question often arises at some point: Can riding be compatible with love for animals at all?

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In a perfect world, horses would live in freedom and no one would ask them anything. Horses are herd animals that live together in large groups in the wild, graze in meadows, travel long distances, and woo each other.

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They have their very own needs and interests, and none of them is carrying someone around on their back. This decision is made by people alone.

If you take riding lessons or buy a horse, you unfortunately always support that money is earned with animals that have no say. Even if a horse is perhaps happy about a snack or a gentle brushing: it has not chosen this life.

If we want to stop seeing animals as inferior and subordinate beings, we should question it.


And I mean…The deep affection of many riders for their horses is a wonderful feeling, they would never want to harm their horse. Riding and cruelty to animals? Unimaginable for some riders!!! Quite a few hobby riders eat vegetarian or vegan and are involved in animal protection

Unfortunately, far too often it is not possible to really do justice to a riding horse.

Humans tend to give animals human characteristics. They think that with love and gentleness, the horse voluntarily agrees to ride.


But a stable, small pasture and a lot of love cannot really replace a horse’s freedom – the herds and the expanse that meet its needs

Unfortunately what most hobby riders do not know is that riding horses often leads to illnesses.
Not only a rider who is too heavy but also the stance inboxes and the lack of freedom of movement (fenced pasture, without herd structure) damage the horse in the long term.

Musculoskeletal disorders and feeding-related diseases (e.g. laminitis) can often be directly or indirectly attributed to the use of the horse.

pferde im Schlachthofjpg

And thus even the closest relationships between man and horse end at the slaughterhouse when the horse is no longer suitable for riding. It loses the purpose that was intended for it.

A visit to the horse slaughter shows how many horses die because their skeleton is bent and their hooves are inflamed and their nature is atrophied.

Because they were loved as a “mount” and later simply disposed of.

The love for horses can also be experienced without using the animals – for example in one of the countless sanctuaries for old horses.

There you can also volunteer if you really love horses.

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Horse Riding: don’t use your friends”

  1. Svaka upotreba životinja od strane čoveka je zloupotreba, eksploatacija, mučenje, a svaka upotreba se završava nasilnom smrću životinje. Ovo zlo postoji zbog antropocentrizma i specizma.


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