Hunger is not fate, it is man-made.

bild mit hungernden Kindern o

795 million people are starving – but we feed 56 billion farm animals

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) says that in today’s phase of developing its production forces, world agriculture could easily feed twelve billion people normally. So almost twice the world population.
At the same time, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), one billion people are overnourished, that is, massively overweight.

THE REALITY: for the production of only 1 kg of beef are used up to 16 kilos of grain or soybeans and 15,400 liters of water – valuable livelihoods that could feed hungry people.
For comparison: 1,300 liters of water are needed to produce 1 kg of wheat, 255 liters for 1 kg of potatoes, and only 131 liters for 1 kg of carrots.

In industrial livestock farming, food is fed in large quantities – corn, soybeans, and cereals – which the hungry people lack in developing countries.

Large areas are felled or cleared because animals need multiple amounts of feed to “produce” meat or milk. Over 50 percent of the world’s crops are used as animal feed for the livestock of rich countries.


Almost half of the world’s grain harvest and 80 to 90 percent of the soybean harvest go to factory farming.

Due to over-indebtedness, the poor countries are forced to sell high-quality plant food that is necessary for human nutrition as animal feed – even though some of their own population does not have enough to eat.

hunger_Kinder am Hunger jpg

As many as 60 percent of the feed that is fed to industrialized livestock farming in rich countries are imported from developing countries.

In South America, especially Brazil, huge areas of tropical forests are being cleared to grow soy. By the way, the world’s largest buyer of Brazilian soy is Germany – almost exclusively feed for factory farming.

kühen beim essen
Over 80 percent of the soy imported to Germany comes from South America.
This is despite the fact that the poorer population in Latin America does not have enough to eat.

The clearing of the rainforest is not only problematic for the climate. As a result, numerous previously undiscovered plant and animal species lose their habitat and become irretrievably extinct

»If we maintain current nutritional trends, there will not be enough water to produce the food for the nine billion population expected in 2050. Meat consumption must be significantly reduced so that food for the growing world population can be cultivated with the available water and arable land», according to the study by the Stockholm International Water Institute.


And the UN is silent. For fear of upsetting the almighty transcontinental private companies. According to the World Bank, the largest transcontinental private groups (all sectors combined, industry, finance, services, etc.) controlled 52.8 percent of the world’s gross domestic product last year.

They have a power that no emperor, king or pope has ever had in history.
They influence the foreign policy of even the most powerful countries. The UN rightly fears its anger.

Do we have hope?

In years of argumentation, demonstrations, actions, and undercover investigations, we have been unable to ensure that people decide against these crimes (for people and animals) and that they no longer cooperate with the meat mafia.

It probably took a long time for the animal rights movement to understand that we have to conduct our struggle politically, that means, that the changes we seek should not be left in the hands of a disinterested, indifferent, irresponsible society, but our goal must be the politicians.

We need sharper and more massive practices to crack the wall.
We have to work on it.

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Hunger is not fate, it is man-made.”

  1. I agree with Venus. We must defend animal rights and human rights more massively and sharply, defending our human rights as well: to live in a world of mutual harmony and joy, and not to die again and again every second of every day in front of the suffering and violent deaths of animals and people.Those who create disharmony, sowing the suffering and death of animals and people, thus they also violate our human rights, that is, the human rights of those who respect and protect all living beings.Animals, sick people and people who die of hunger do not have the strength to defend themselves, so by defending our human rights ( our human rights : to live free of suffering) , we also defend the rights of all victims.


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