Meat production: organized and institutionalized criminality

SOKO animal protection-report

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A year later – a conclusion

A year ago, the agony of the cattle came to the public in the mega-dairy farm in the Allgäu, Germany.

-Animals that were dragged, beaten, kicked, slowly died with head wounds, thirst, hunger, sight, violence, suffering.

(we had already reported on a similar case:

The operation “Allgäu” is unchanged 12 months later.
-The tons of milk a day go into cheese, drinking milk, or yogurt.
-The animals are still handed over to the same perpetrators.
-Factory farming continues successfully.
-The new state-owned Bavarian Food Safety and Veterinary Control Authority act under the guise of secrecy and there are considerable doubts about its effectiveness.
-The responsible veterinarians were able to successfully evade prosecution.

Soko Allgäu 2_nSmall farms with dire conditions were partly taken over by the mega farmers after the celebrated closure and their cattle empires were growing.

The structural area-wide problems of exploitation for cow’s milk which lead to massive animal suffering have remained untouched.

Kuh Undercover Mülln jpg

Problems such as slatted floors, claw problems, mastitis (udder inflammation), calf disposal, tethering, consideration, spatial confinement, mutilation of the cows, animal transport, long-distance animal transport and dealing with decay and Downer cows caused by husbandry remain.

It is a good thing that the police actions have deterred and the authorities have been sensitized, and there is still hope for a public trial.
But it is also clear that our joint action will only work if the authorities are unable to master this gruesome system.

soko allgäu 3n
This is only possible if we finally stop consuming the milk of a different animal type as an adult, weaned people.

Otherwise, the cycle of exploitation, violence, illness, and death simply continues forever.


And I mean…Here in Germany, we have a humorous so-called “animal protection law”. It says:
“Nobody should cause pain, suffering, or harm to an animal for no reasonable reason.”
For no reasonable reason !!
But because the meat industry wants to make millions with it, then is pain and suffering considered as a reasonable reason.
And we claim that we are a lot further, in terms of animal welfare than the Chinese.

No public trials against the animal torturers from the meat mafia.

Termination of proceedings against officials and civil servants.

Criminal charges are filed, unscrupulous veterinarians join the business.
Trust zero.

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My best regards to all, Venus

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