Chinese tourist beats a sleeping seal ‘to wake up the animal’. Uneducated Dickhead !



WAV Comment:  Good to see that so many Chinese people reacted with ‘outrage and disgust’ at the actions of this idiot.  What else can you say really about this ? – he is a un educated dickhead, full stop.


The man is seen smacking a baby seal multiple times with a slipper while the animal is resting


A woman can be heard in the background laughing and saying: ‘Your mum is calling you to wake up!

The video allegedly shows a male Chinese tourist hitting the baby South African fur seal a dozen of times with a slipper before the animal suddenly sits up and scrambles to escape


Chinese tourist beats a sleeping seal ‘to wake up the animal’

  • Shocking footage shows a man repeatedly hitting a baby seal resting on a beach
  • Another woman is heard laughing as the animal desperately escapes to the sea
  • Millions of Chinese web users reacted to the viral video with outrage and disgust


Read the story here and see the video footage:

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