Gold fever, Covid 19 and the genocide of the Yanomami indigenous people of the Amazon.

Image – Barbara-Navarro



Gold fever, Covid 19 and the genocide of the Yanomami indigenous people of the Amazon.


I found this article on Barbara’s site tragic; and at the same time very informative about what is happening right now; today, in the Amazon; how the ancient peoples of the jungles are being destroyed.  At the end I copy a quote which sadly, is so very true, issues so very ignored by those in power who haver the possibility to change things for the better, but fail to do so.

Please read the full article – link given below; and learn more about the suffering of the indigenous people of the Amazon.  Rage and repent, but above all – read it !

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Yanomami leaders say that wildcat gold miners are responsible for bringing coronavirus into their communities. They are very concerned because over 25,000 gold miners are now operating in their preserve, destroying the forest to clear spaces for mining pits, polluting the rivers with mercury and contaminating fish.

Deafening noise from their machines and high powered hoses scare off game animals, leaving nothing for the Yanomami to hunt.

As the virus spreads throughout Brazil, the gold rush in the Amazon continues unabated, accelerating the devastation among the 850,000 indigenous people in the country. 



Read the full and disturbing article at Barbara’s site –




“When you cut down the trees you assault the spirits of our ancestors.

When you dig for minerals you impale the heart of the Earth. And when you pour poisons on the land and into the rivers – chemicals from agriculture and mercury from gold mines – you weaken the spirits, the plants, the animals and the land itself.

When you weaken the land like that, it starts to die. If the land dies, if our Earth dies, then none of us will be able to live, and we too will all die.” – cacique Raoni Metuktire



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Above image – the result of illegal Amazon gold mining.

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