India: Watch the Life Saving Work of Our Friends at ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ – and Celebrate – Better Still, Donate !




AAU June


Dear Mark,

Two of the happiest dogs alive, Rocky and Ranis video below is a heart-warming look at the lives of two orphaned puppies whose mama died in childbirth. Nurtured and adored by foster parents, they survived dangerous viruses, which orphans like these are especially vulnerable to because they’re too young to vaccinate and don’t have the natural protective immunity that comes only with their mother’s milk (cow’s milk does not provide this, and can be harmful for puppies and species other than cows.)

When they were old enough to eat on their own, they were adopted by a tremendous village family with children, elderly neighbors and a steady stream of friends.

Wherever you are in the world, when it’s time to bring a new best friend into your home, adopt a rescued dog from a shelter. Or better yet, two!



Joy’s extraordinary recovery after her lower lip was terribly injured



When we got the call that a puppy was covered in blood we had no idea how bad it could be. Her entire lip was missing. As soon as we examined her we realized that she would need urgent surgery but we didn’t know if she could fully recover from such a horrible injury.

We’ve called this little hero Joy.

And Joy is alive and well and–extraordinary. Please donate



Tiggy’s ravaging wounds and astoundingly FAST recovery

 Multiple wounds tore open Tiggy’s neck, shoulders and ear. We rescued him as he sat trembling and woozy with pain. We hurriedly gave the beautiful little victim pain medicine, hydration, bandaging and food, but the best part of his rescue was holding him close. Within days, Tiggy’s incredibly playfulness and boundless affection took over.



There’s nothing better than a happy ending. Please donate


Puppy love! There’s simply nothin’ like it!

 Rocky and Rani were orphaned when their poor mama died in childbirth. The sweethearts were immediately fostered by two devoted Animal Aid staff who cheerfully went through the midnight feedings stage, the “is this poop looking normal to you?” stage, and then to the fantastic open-road of their great health and multiple growth spurts.



With glossy coats, bright white smiles and absolute trust of humans, this pair was lovingly adopted by Animal Aid care-giver Mangi bai and her family, and their growing up has continued with play, love, and then more play.


Life should be, at times, hilarious.

Wherever you live, adopt a shelter dog. And if you live in India, click here to meet the beautiful dogs ready for adoption at Animal Aid.


Sponsor Barbara or one of her friends today!

As Barbara and 80 other sheep were being herded across a highway by an old shepherd in 2017, a truck rounded a blind corner and slammed into them, killing all but 8 souls. Barbara was one of the survivors. Badly injured with an open fracture, the shepherd could no longer care for her and brought her to Animal Aid. Shy and frightened at first, Barbara has blossomed into one of the world’s biggest sweethearts and if you sponsor Barbara, we think you’ll feel her magic. She’s way too big to curl up in your lap, but she tries to!

Click here to sponsor – or any other animal: 


Celebrate the staff: Bhavna




Bhavna’s eyes twinkle like ferry lights in a party. Since 2017 she has served with dignity, kindness and efficiency as front-of-hospital cleaning supervisor. Bhavna keeps offices inviting and tidy, cooks the meals for the dogs, and whether she’s defrosting the fridge or moving a heavy portable kennel, she always keeps us smiling.


Regards to you all and thanks for your comments and ‘thumbs up’; sorry but it impossible to write to all involved, but thank you, it means a lot to Venus and I  – Mark.

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