New Zealand – Time to put The Chicken Before the Egg.

Time to put The Chicken Before the Egg.

Kia ora Mark  

Let’s put animals on the agenda.

Last night we put animals back on the agenda at our online event, Political Panel 2020: It’s Time! Ahead of the general election we asked political decision makers the tough questions on issues affecting animals in New Zealand, now and in the future. 

Today, we’re launching an ambitious pre-election action to call on our next Government to commit to freeing hens from cages – and we need your help.

Take action for hens this election

Action 1 – Email your MP

In New Zealand, nearly three million hens are confined in cruel cages. Thanks to you, the Government banned tiny battery hen cages, but the new standard ‒ ‘colony cages’ ‒ is just as cruel. Cages prevent hens from carrying out normal behaviour such as dust bathing, foraging and spreading their wings. The reality is – a colony cage is still a cage.     In the lead up to this election we need our MPs to know that New Zealanders have lost their appetite for the cruel caging of hens. Over the next few weeks we will be calling on you to give hens a voice so that animals are put back on the election agenda.

Contact your MP now

Let’s keep moving

In 2014, the Labour Party promised to introduce legislation by 2016 to phase out cruel colony cages ‒ but four years on, we’re still waiting. These cruel cages have no future in New Zealand. Even Parliament’s restaurants have committed to going cage-free, along with all major supermarkets and a growing list of businesses. So, let’s keep movingand banish cages to the history books!   It’s time New Zealand put the chicken before the egg.     

Debra Ashton
Chief Executive Officer  

P.S. We know the world can be different for animals. Together, we can create a better, safer Aotearoa New Zealand for all. Read our vision to find out more.

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