Rome: Ciao”Botticelle”!

Rome has banned horse-drawn carriages from city streets!
Horses forced to pull heavy carriages through traffic can get injured easily and die from exhaustion. They don’t belong on busy streets.
Horse-drawn carriages must be banned everywhere!

Rome, Italy- September 1, 2017: Carriage with a horse in Rome street at Italy

Horses will no longer be forced to negotiate busy roads while hauling heavy loads for human amusement in Rome, which has banned horse-drawn carriage rides from its streets.

In the future, they will only be allowed to drive in selected parks.
In addition, there will be a weather rule in the future to protect the animals.
The animals have to take breaks and finish work after seven hours.

Commenting on the ban, Rome’s mayor, Virginia Raggi, said, “You will never again see tired horses on the streets of the city during the hottest hours of the summer months because we have expressly forbidden it.”

A terrified horse on a busy street is dangerous, not romantic

With the ban, city authorities acknowledge that busy streets are no place for sensitive horses, who often get spooked in traffic, leading to many injuries to horses or humans – and sometimes even deaths.
In a split second, a horse can go from appearing calm and sedate to crashing blindly down the street in a panic.

Horses forced to pull carriages are often so debilitated they collapse, and some die in the street from exhaustion.

This is especially common in the scorching summer sun when animals can become overheated and dehydrated.
Before this ban, horses were forced to pull carriages through the streets of Rome in temperatures reaching heights of 40 degrees.

If the new rules are violated, which also provide for regular examinations by veterinarians, the coachmen face fines of up to 500 euros or the withdrawal of their license.
According to the newspaper “Corriere Della Sera,” there are still 21 coachmen in Rome with an official license.
As compensation, they should now be able to apply for a taxi license.

Don’t be taken for a ride

Horses are individuals with their own needs and desires who shouldn’t be exploited for tourism. These sensitive, social animals naturally live in herds – and being forced to haul carriages filled with humans is completely unnatural to them.

If you’re a tourist in need of transportation to explore a city, choose a human-powered pedicab, rent a bike from a bike-share service, or simply walk.

What you can do for horses

Rome joins other cities that have already banned horse-drawn carriage rides from the streets, such as Oxford, Barcelona, New Delhi, and Tel Aviv.

And cities such as London, Paris, and Toronto no longer issue licenses for horse-drawn tourist carriages.


On Mallorca, however, dozens of exhausted horses are still forced to pull carriages laden with tourists through the busy streets.

Please urge the mayors of Alcúdia, Palma, and Sant Llorenç des Cardassar to ban horse-drawn carriages and switch to using electric tourist vehicles instead: Please sign the Petition:

Great News! Rome Bans Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides on City Streets

And I mean…The animal protection party “Progreso en Verde” has collected more than 120,000 signatures on the online portal for the demand that carriages in the Mallorca metropolis should no longer be pulled by horses.

“After many years of struggle, everything is still the same today as it was before, “criticized Guillermo Amengual, chairman of the Animal Welfare Party
“Every year we have to watch the horses tire on the asphalt, and nobody does anything about it. And the few regulations that exist are simply ignored by the coachmen without any consequences for them.”
The animal rights activist also recalled that in 2016 two horses were killed after they collided with cars.

In Germany, it is not much different for carriage horses than in Mallorca. Even in Germany, carriage horses have no special legal protection because there is no corresponding statutory regulation.

Only minimum requirements are formulated, which are intended to serve the local official veterinarians as an orientation aid during controls.
The result: Only 4 to 8 checks take place annually so that not even every company is examined once a year.

What we have achieved so far is that from 30 degrees Celsius in the shade no more horse-drawn carriages will drive in the future.

That applies only to Berlin!
Horse-drawn carriages are now banned in the capital, but only in the Brandenburg Gate. A general ban in Berlin has not yet been enforced.

My best regards to all, Venus

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