Amazon Frontlines – A Pathway to Protect the Amazon.

Amazon Frontlines

A pathway to protect the Amazon;

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A pathway forward to protect the Amazon (


Just yesterday, I was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize for my people’s struggle to keep our lands free of oil drilling, for lifting up Indigenous peoples’ rights to say “No” to the powerful interests that seek to take from our lands, and for inspiring millions around the world in the fight to protect the Amazon and save our climate.

As a Waorani woman, a mother, and a leader, I know that this award is not mine alone. It is for my ancestors, my elders, and Indigenous peoples across the world risking their lives to protect Mother Earth. And it is for you, too! We are all in this together. And the stakes have never been higher.  

I’m honored and thrilled to announce today that I will be donating every penny of the $200,000 Goldman Prize money to further our peoples’ efforts to protect a rainforest that the entire world depends on. Actions speak louder than words, and I’d like for you to join me!  

I recently learned that only 2% of all global philanthropy worldwide goes to protect Mother Earth. And of that, only a tiny fraction makes it to community-led frontline efforts to protect our lands and rivers. We must change this! Indigenous peoples are up against some of the mightiest interests in the world, and if we are to confront them we need urgent resources on the frontlines. We need you to have our backs so we can continue protecting the air, the water, and the climate that we all depend on.  

Nemonte Nenquimo
Waorani leader, TIME100 Honoree and Goldman Prize Winner

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In honor of mother earth 🌿 (

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