EU: The EU Commission Publishes its Progress Report – Is There Any ? – Not With Live Animal Exports !

WAV Comment:  Click on the ‘full report’ at the end and be impressed with all the charts and information.

Then click on the following Netherlands (EU): Dutch cattle documented going for slaughter in Lebanon and Libya – EU Shambles As Always. – World Animals Voice  – and read our comment if you wish.

The EU talks the talk; is very good at producing endless reams of reports and paperwork; charts etc; but the reality is it never enforces what is says it is going to enforce.   Tell the young Dutch cattle exported to Lebanon and Libya that the EU is good at enforcing the rules.

Antimicrobial resistance

AMR : Commission publishes its progress report on the EU’s Action Plan

Today, the European Commission published its 5th progress report on the implementation of the European One Health Action Plan against Antimicrobial Resistance, which was adopted in June 2017. The key objectives of this plan are built on three main pillars: making the EU a best practice region; boosting research, development and innovation as well as shaping the global agenda. Addressing AMR through a One Health approach is also a priority for this Commission, as flagged in Commissioner Kyriakides’ Mission letter in November 2019.

The progress report shows that a number of AMR initiatives have been continued or put in place in recent months. For example, the Commission has adopted in the EU Farm to Fork Strategy a target aiming to reduce by 50% the overall EU sales of antimicrobials for farmed animals and in aquaculture by 2030. This objective will be supported by the implementation of the recent Regulations on Veterinary Medicinal Products and on Medicated Feed for which implemented and delegated acts are currently being drafted.

Another of the main updates of the Action Plan includes the new Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2020/1729 on the monitoring and reporting of AMR in zoonotic and commensal bacteria. The recently adopted Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe also flagged the fight against AMR as a key objective. The next progress report is planned to be published in mid 2021.

Full report

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