Study Finds Growing Popularity Of Plant-Based Diets In The Czech Republic.

Study shows more people favoring a plant-based diet in The Czech Republic

Study Finds Growing Popularity Of Plant-Based Diets In The Czech Republic

A new study reports a growth in the popularity of plant-based diets in The Czech Republic, with people wanting to improve their health and help the planet.

by Emily Baker

A study has found an increase in the popularity of switching to plant-based diets in the Czech Republic, in line with a rise across Europe.

Whilst the research found a growing will to reduce meat consumption amongst younger age groups, it was also found that Czech people are not primarily ‘pro-plant-based’.

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Health driven

Of consumers asked, 20 percent said they expected to reduce their meat intake in the future – and the main factor was to improve their health.

The market study was conducted by the Agricultural Economics Society (AES).AES claims the increase in popularity is not just consumer-led, and that large retail chains are developing their own plant-based product ranges.


Earlier this month, research from the vegan and vegetarian food app HappyCow saw the Czech Republic fair in the top three for having the most vegetarian-friendly restaurants per population size in Europe.

Expats.Cz claims there has been a surge in the country’s restaurants favoring meatless menus over the past four years.

Reports conducted by the Czech Vegan Society last year predicted an increase in plant-based diets – showing 30 percent of people were planning to consume more plants.It also noted 45 percent of respondents believed animal agriculture was negatively affecting the planet.

Rise across Europe

More vegan food has become readily available across Europe in recent years, from Burger King’s expansion to the Beyond Meat production facility which opened in the Netherlands this year.

Statistics from The Vegan Society show a skyrocket in vegan food and drink businesses across Europe between 2016 and 2019.

Plant-Based Diets On The Rise In The Czech Republic – Study Finds (

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