Please Read – ‘WAV’ or not ‘WAV’, that is the question !

Hi all;

This is important in a way; but will have no real effect on you as visitors to this site.

I (Mark) will try to explain;

A ‘domain’ is a internet ‘address’ which can be used for global access by anyone.  Here at WAV, our domain is ‘’; we pay each year to have and retain this domain.

We have recently been informed by domain registrars in China that applications have been made for at least 4 domains for ‘World Animals Voice’ and that they will vary from our address – as far as we know, they are  and

We have informed the registrar in China that these addresses applications are nothing to do with us (as we are UK and Germany controlled) or are they associated with us and that if they are taken out, then we will have no control over the content of same.

Our real ‘concern’ is that the name ‘worldanimalsvoice’; which we set up and use for this site, is / could be used (in China) when it has nothing to with us; having originated and been registered via the domain controller in China. 

Our domain is only ‘’

We hope that if these new domains are used, taking the name ‘world animals voice’; then they will be supportive of animal welfare / rights issues; and that their content will be positive towards animals.  But we cannot guarantee this, or any of the content on any of these sites.

So you, as supporters to our site, can visit us you always do; but please just be wary that there may be other ‘world animals voice’ sites, namely (  and possibly being used.  The info on them is not associated with us; has nothing to do with us and never will be controlled in any way by us.

There is no way to combat this and we have to accept the situation of world (computer) domains as it is.

Please put ‘’ somewhere safe on your system so that you know this is the only way to access us.  Any other address is outside of our control.

We trust you understand the situation and we will carry on with this site as always.

Thanks and regards

Mark and Venus;

Founders – WAV.

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