Fritz is dead




The light of the world Fritz saw in 1963 in Cameroon. There he lived with his family in freedom, romped through the jungle and had no idea what horror would happen to him.

At the tender age of three, he was captured by pet traders. It can be assumed that hunters killed his entire family (with spears and machetes). There might have been a real family massacre as gorillas protect their young to death. Fritz had this traumatic experience until his death.


The first four years he was imprisoned in the zoo Hellabrunn, in Munich. From there he was carted to the Zoo in Nuremberg, where he had to endure almost half a century (!)

But the gorilla left Nuremberg again and again. He was loaned twice, for several months he lived in the Berlin Zoo, from 1986 to 1988 then in the Czech Dvur Kralove.
After he had fathered six children, he was barren at the young age of 14 years. A not uncommon phenomenon in captive animals. Even his male offspring are all infertile and perform a strange, sad life as prisoners in European zoos. Day in, day out in bulletproof glass and concrete jails, knowing they will never get out there again.

For Fritz ended 55 years captivity on Monday, August 20th with death. He had been euthanized due to old age.


When Fritz’s death marks the end of an era, we hope that it is the end of suffering, terror, and imprisonment, and that we humans learn that animals are not for us, but with us on this planet.

In the press we read:

“…Fritz was a real “animal personality”, he was a legend. Every Zoo visitor in the zoo knew and loved him: Gorilla Fritz died on Monday, 20 August 2018, the oldest gorilla living in European zoos.…”

And I say: because he was a personality, did this wonderful animal have to spend his life behind bars?
Because he was a personality, so every ignorant, every empathy loose with his stupid offspring came to his cell to admire the misery of this “legate” prisoner?

And because he was a Personality, that’s why he was loaned twice?

This is practiced by slaves, and those who do it do not care if the slave has personality or not. The main thing is to bring in the money.

Almost all newspapers have reported on the death of Fritz, that also brings money .
In these 55 years the press has never been interested in his misery in captivity at the zoo.


My best regards, Venus



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