Terror against animals


österreichische Flagge

Terror against animals is so all-encompassing and omnipresent that it is impossible to escape from it. The most recent example from my life: I take a boat to a lake to recover from the arduous writing of animal suffering every day, and to fight this terror against animals. Whom do I meet? An angler waiting for a victim!!



In another place, I enjoy the almost perfect silence – until the cry of a cow reminds me that the seemingly peaceful coastline is littered with “farms”; with lawless inmates awaiting a cruel death after a painful life. (I purposely say “scream” and not “complain” because trapped people do not complain.)



Back on land, I am sitting in a quiet moor landscape. Within minutes, I witness another animal abuse. A girl straightens its dog: “Sit! Stay here! “Then it marches away without turning around.

Uncertainty and anguish is written in the face of the animal. Soon the dog follows his supposed human friend – to be insulted and punished abrasively, because he still cannot suppress his affection and love.




From Helmut Kaplan`s blog- https://tierrechte-kaplan.de/terror-gegen-tiere/

(Translation: Venus with best regards)

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