Ferdinand escapes the schafts massacre!




The bull “Ferdinand” saves himself with a jump into the Black Sea before the slaughter – and swam 25 kilometers. Now he is a star and can live on!

Stier FerdinandDoes not look like a good swimmer, but is one: the bull Ferdinand!

Abdurrahman Köksal could not believe his eyes. The fisherman on the Turkish Black Sea coast was on his boat when he noticed a dark figure in the water. Maybe a swimmer or a diver in trouble, Köksal thought.
He headed for the apparition. But then he saw a bull in front of him paddling off the coast, his nose just above the surface of the water.

The encounter with Köksal made the bull a star in Turkey. Because after the fisherman called the Coast Guard to help, and the young had landed on land, it turned out that the bull had a long journey in the sea behind him. The animal had been hatched in Rize, about 25 kilometers to the east, and had taken the sea route. The bull was to be slaughtered by schafts in Rize at the Islamic sacrificial festival. But “Ferdinand,” as the bull is now called after the cartoon bull, had other plans. He ran away, over a wall, jumped into the sea and swam. Only after three days in the water was he spotted by Köksal.

Ferdinand’s teeth have suffered from salt water. Otherwise, the young bull is in good health. Slaughtering such a hero is out of the question, said owner Metin Yalcin. He had lost sight of Ferdinand in Rize after he had escaped.

Rock star Haluk Levent bought Ferdinand – and took him to a farm

In interviews with Turkish reporters, Yalcin promised he would do well for Ferdinand, but the bull did not return to Rize. The spectacular escape of the young bull became a topic in the newspapers and on television, which drew the well-known rock star Haluk Levent to Ferdinand. Levent is filling stadiums in Turkey and is working as a benefactor for the needy as well as animal rights activists. He bought Ferdinand and had him brought to a farm for rescued animals in the western Turkish province of Izmir.

He was happy about Ferdinand’s fate, the singer said a few days ago while visiting the bull’s new home. “He should be slaughtered as a sacrificial animal, but he fled and fought,” said Levent, who fed and stroked Ferdinand in front of running cameras. “Now he is our friend.”

Comment: Ferdinand could save himself.
But the massacre of animals through schafts continues.
And as always the press turns a death candidate, named Ferdinand, into a good headline.
Would Ferdinand, as a massacred manhole victim, also have broken the hearts of the media and the Turks?

“Which disease could be as dangerous as it is human?” – Bertolt Brecht

My best regards, Venus


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