Salto en la plaza de tortura!



 Jump into the arena of death!

Aktivist in Arena_n

Once again, the activists of the Vegan Strike Group interrupted a bloody bullfight.
After Valladolid in May and in Huelva on August 5 at the beginning of this year, we now visit Albacete. The activists of the Vegan Strike Group want to draw attention to the suffering of the animals in the sand (bulls and horses) and they do so by jumping into the sand to stop the bullfight, with a text of cruelty against the animals painted on their bodies.

Aktivist in Arena 3_n

Between September 8 and 17, in Albacete, a city 255 km south of Madrid, six bulls are killed every day just for the entertainment of the people. This means sixty bulls plus the ‘reserve’ bulls that do not have to let go in the ring but are killed later in the slaughterhouse after the bullfight. Many people do not know that bullfighters also train with bulls, calves and heifers. This often happens in the properties of the torero. Therefore, the estimated number of 250,000 bulls that are killed inside and outside the celebration.

Stier kurz vor der Schlachtung_o

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and share this message on your Facebook page. By sharing, our action has more scope. People need to be aware of the suffering and slavery of animals for our entertainment. The animals need our help.


My best regards to all, Venus

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