Again animal transport victims




The accident of an animal transporter cost the lives of numerous pigs on the night of Tuesday, 18 September. This happened on the road to Schweinfurt (Bavarian) .

The desperate squealing of the pigs was heard widely in the night in the district of Schweinfurt. On the street there, the animal transporter had an accident. At least 30 pigs have died painfully.

40-tonner turned over in curve

Franken Tierunfall

The driver of an animal transporter had lost control of his vehicle shortly before 11 pm. The 40-tonner started to roll and finally overturned.

According to the police, there were about 90 pigs in the animal transporter. Many of them were killed in the accident, others seriously injured. The rescue teams were supported on site by three veterinarians. The veterinarians had to decide on each of the injured animals if an emergency slaughter was necessary. Some pigs were released from their agony with a “coup de grace”.



Screams widely audible

Overall, the police currently assume that 30 pigs were killed during or after the accident. The other animals could be loaded onto other transporters. Driver and passenger of the animal transporter were injured in the accident and taken to a hospital.

Stressful use for rescuers

The damage is estimated at around 100,000 euros (!!!) The cause of the accident is still unclear. However, according to the police, there are indications that the driver of the semitrailer has traveled too fast and therefore got off the road.

More than 80 firefighters were on duty for hours. The mission was also very stressful for her. The rescue of the animal carrier offered them cruel pictures. Injured and dead animals were in the vehicle. Others squealed and screamed in panic and pain.,R3yHb3Z

And I say: The firefighters were shocked by the screaming pigs.
Only Germany does not hear anything anymore.
Germany and its incompetent politicians in the Federal Parliament and in the EU Commission find no reason to abolish animal transport.
Never had Germany such a ridiculous government as today.

My best regards to all, Venus


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