Fascism has many servants




First bison since 250 years immigrated to Germany and is shot: public outraged

On 13 September 2017, a bison was discovered in East Brandenburg. A representative of this rare species first appeared on German soil about 250 years ago. He crossed the border from Poland, where he lived in the Warta Estuary National Park west of Kostrzyn. The man who saw the animal alarmed the police. In order to “protect the population” regional authorities ordered to kill the animal.


This decision caused fierce criticism both in Germany and in Poland, where the animal is especially popular. The incident now threatens to get a political dimension. The head of the Polish National Park contacted the Brandenburg State Ministry for Rural Development, Environment and Agriculture by e-mail.
The environmental organization WWF filed a lawsuit against the authorities of the city of Lebus, where the animal was seen. Animal rights activists also point out that the police could have used a narcotic if there really was a danger from the wisent.


And I say: One year ago, a special emigrant appears in Germany.
He makes the mistake of coming in a country , where the life of the wild animals is determined by a minority of 0.45% (hunters), who think, they can do what they want.
And they did that with the emigrant from Poland.
With the help of the stupid, unsuspecting police, a hunter was ordered to shoot the visitor.
This is what the rules of fascism dictate.
To eliminate the weaker and defenseless, so that an oligarchy in the name of “people’s security” secures its own superiority and power in society.
Today and a year later, no consequences have been drawn against this murder.
But without the bison we can all sleep peaceful; hunters and police protect us from dangers!

My best regards, Venus


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