September News From ‘World Animal Protection’.

September News From World Animal Protection.


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In the environment that KFC raises its chickens, they have

no chance to behave as they would naturally, no choice but

to sit or stand in their own waste, and are slaughtered at as

young as just five weeks old.

Together we can change this. We’re urging KFC to commit to

higher welfare for chickens, and we need your help to deliver

our message.

Sign our petition before October 11, and join a group of more

than 400,000 people in the fight to protect chickens and strike

a blow against cruel factory farming.

TAKE ACTION NOW – not long left:


A serious threat to jaguars

Our investigation has uncovered a shocking and deadly

trade of jaguar body parts being trafficked illegally from

South America. These magnificent big cats are being cruelly

captured and killed for use

in unproven traditional Asian medicine.

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Make a difference for dogs on World Rabies Day

This World Rabies Day, September 28, we’re thinking about our

ongoing work to create better lives for dogs. Rabies still kills at

least 59,000 people every year with 99% of cases transmitted by

dogs. In response, governments around the world resort to

inhumanely killing millions of dogs in a misguided attempt to

stop the spread of the disease. Make a gift to support our work

to protect man’s best friend today.

IWC commits to tackling ghost gear

Dedicated to protecting whales, the International Whaling Commission

has agreed to continue the fight against ghost gear with the Global

Ghost Gear Initiative.




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