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England: Dutchman ‘Onderwater’ Exports Scottish Calves From Ramsgate. Plus More Info !

We are giving extra time to live animal exports at the moment.  We have plenty of campaign experience for over 27 years to support this.  Live exports, and the time that animals have to endure suffering on transporters is the ultimate shame of the EU and its so-called legislation; Regulation 1/2005 on the ‘protection of animals during transport’.

Believe us; there is no protection offered by this legislation; and many EU member states do not even bother to apply the rules of the regulation anyway.  In summary it is a complete and utter joke; causing untold suffering to the animals which endure transportation across Europe on a daily basis.  Only when the rules are changed to a maximum journey time of 8 hours or less will we see any improvement in the rules.


There was an article in the British press last week about Scottish calves being shipped to Europe (Spain, for further fattening) via Ramsgate; Kent: England:

We also covered early shipments with our other post:


We feel the need to give a bit more information on the export business from Ramsgate.

All photos are by official photographer and activist, Valerie Cameron.

The animal export trade changed from operating mainly from Dover Harbour in Kent to the smaller facility at Ramsgate mainly because of the amount of ferry traffic that was using Dover to run scheduled services to Europe did not really make it possible for additional ships to take up berthing space.

empty joline

The ‘Joline’

Although it was nothing more than a cheap and nasty ‘bathtub’ – or to be more precise; an ex Russian battle tank carrier to used only on rivers; and not in the English Channel; the vessel; named the ‘Joline’; could not berth at Dover and load animal transporters; and then depart in the time available that was given to it.  Hundreds of trucks could load onto ferries for each sailing within the hour; but when it came to the Joline; it was unable to load four, five or even six animal transporters; such was the inability of all those involved with its operation.

 Here are a few pictures of the Joline trying to operate at Dover.  Note its size compared to the normal cross Channel ferries doing the same route to Calais.  The normal ferries would not take livestock transporters due to a massive and very successful campaign asking them to stop over the years.  They stopped taking slaughter animal transporters; and so another way had to be found by the farmers to get animals across to Europe. 

joline at dover size 1.jpg

joline at dover size 2.jpg

The Joline at Dover – Note its size compared to standard ferries.  Even so, the normal ferries could load trucks much quicker !

The ‘Joline’ came on the scene as the ‘solution’ to this.  It is operated by a Dutchman named Johannes Onderwater.  The vessel is registered in Riga, Latvia, which is an EU member state.  Onderwater has his own fleet of livestock vehicles; but many other (mainly) Dutch hauliers also use the Joline to get UK animals in to Europe.

joline at ramsgate

 The Joline at Ramsgate harbour


Onderwater own scania 1

onderwater own scania 2

Above – Onderwater’s own white (Scania) trucks carrying livestock en route to the harbour 


Although many do not know; we can confirm that until recently; Onderwater operated another live animal transportation business out of Riga, Latvia.  We have many details on this.  Mr Onderwaters official Dutch registered company is called Onderwater Agneaux BV; and we do have the name of his Latvian business; but we are not going to divulge it.

RIGA confirmation.jpg

Confirmation that the ‘Joline’ is registered in Riga, Latvia

Onderwater is very well known to the animal rights movement in Kent, England.  He first surfaced several years ago when he (personally) attempted to export animals from the UK to mainland Europe.  Using a sealed box type ex refrigerated trailer; Onderwater attempted to deceive his way to Europe by declaring to customs that his load in the trailer contained ‘Boxed Meat’.  As such, the vehicle and its contents were allowed to board a P&O ferry for shipment to Europe – via Calais to be precise.

bow wagon carrying live sheep

A typical ‘Box Trailer’ arrives at Dover carrying live sheep

Very observant and on the ball crewmen on the (P&O) ferry noticed that things did not seem quite right with the trailer whilst it was on the ferry.  Fluid was seen to be dripping from the trailer – this later turned out to be urine.  They reported this situation with the trailer to the Captain of the ferry who immediately demanded that the rear of the trailer be opened up.

open rear doors of box trailer

A rare shot by activists taken of the inside of the ‘box trailer’.  Sheep can clearly be seen standing on the top deck.


Rather than find loads of ‘boxed meat’ inside as declared on the paperwork; the P&O crew actually found that the trailer contained over 300 LIVE sheep; and it was their urine that was dripping onto the ferry flooring.  This issue thereafter went much further with Kent based AR organisations who got Kent Trading Standards involved with taking up prosecutions.  After a lot of work by all parties, the ‘Boxed Meat’ case (as it became known) went to court at Folkestone, Kent on 5th July 2010.

At the trial; Onderwater Agneaux BV (Onderwaters Dutch company) pleaded guilty to no less than six (6) offences under the Animal Health Act 1981 of causing the transport of sheep in contravention of the Welfare of Animals (Transport) (England) Order 2006 and EU Council Regulation (EC) 1/2005 (Protection of animals during transport).

As a result, Onderwater’s company, Onderwater Agneaux BV (of the Netherlands), was fined at Folkestone a total of £10,370. And so, under UK law, by being prosecuted in this way, and pleading guilty to offences, Onderwater became a formally convicted criminal.  With Kent AR informing Dutch friends in Europe; Onderwater was also prosecuted by the Dutch authorities.  In the Netherlands he was given 2 out of 3 ‘strikes’ on his operators license.  If he was caught again and given a 3rd strike; then his Dutch hauliers operating license was to be removed; meaning that he would be unable to continue transporting live animals as a business.

So – forward to the current time.  The Joline is seen very infrequently at Ramsgate as UK live exports have almost been stopped by very positive campaigns by the animal rights movement.  Onderwater now deals primarily with getting UK sheep to Europe at the times of Eid, the Muslim festival of sacrifice.  For the rest of the time shipments are very haphazard; often carrying just a few transporters.  With the Joline running between Ramsgate and Calais; the cost of fuel, berthing fees and crew employment costs; the question has often been asked how he can make this operation pay ? – it is still a mystery today.

Box on Joline 2

Box on Joline

Above – A Box trailer loads onto the ‘Joline’ at Ramsgate, England


loaded joline

wonky roof on joline

Livestock transporters depart on the Joline – note the ‘wonky roof’ on the truck shown left above.  How does this comply with the Regulation standards set by the EU ? – the trailer should be scrapped !!!

Now the opportunity to take calves from Scotland has arisen; mainly because the ferry operator which used to ship them to Ireland for onward movement via Cherbourg (France) decided to close down the trade after an expose of the business was made and published on UK television; Onderwater has stepped in as the lifeline for the Scottish farmers wanting to export calves live.  It must be remembered that these calves are males; an unwanted by product of the dairy industry as they do not produce milk and so are basically unwanted.  They are shipped into Europe for further fattening; where they are usually slaughtered after just 6 months of age.  Think about this trade the next time you have cows milk in your tea – convert instead to plant based milk and avoid all of this animal suffering.


Arrival at Calais, France –  note the white Scania cabs of the Onderwater fleet of trucks at the front 

We will be publishing another post very soon on British exported calves and their final destinations.  We think it will come as a surprise to many of you.  Watch this space.

Regards Mark







We did not forget..


Single lit candle with quite flame on black background

We did not forget
One year ago 2,400 slaves died in a mobile ship coffin en route from Australia to Middle East crematoria.
The slave dealer of the company still has transport license.
And we remember… and we promise the victims that we will use all means to put an end to the dirty business of the transport mafia.



Best regards to all, Venus

Once Stone Age, always Stone Age?

*From Helmut.F.Kaplan, Austrian philosopher and animal ethicist


österreichische Flagge


Once upon a time we were helplessly exposed to heat, cold and wet and glad to find shelter in a cave. Today we have highly functional clothes and well insulated houses.

Once we were laboriously and dangerously moving from one place to another. Today we have convenient, safe and fast transportation.

We once died prematurely from untreated or poorly treated injuries or illnesses. Today we have modern hospitals where most of these injuries and illnesses can be easily treated or cured.

Stein Zeit Fotojpg

Once upon a time, we ruled conflicts with brute force by simply killing each other. Today, we have a sophisticated legal system that strives for impartial, just solutions.

Once upon a time, we had to devote all energy to somehow survive. Today, we are engaged in science and enjoy cultural activities and works that add a whole new dimension to our lives.

We once fed on bloody corpses of barbarously slaughtered animals. Today – we still do that!

Our diet is the only area where nothing has changed for millennia. Every time we sit down to eat, we turn into Stone Age people.


(Translation: Venus, with best regards)

Egypt: murder as an investment!


“In our countries, we are still struggling to prove a human’s right to life. I guess it’s gonna take officials a very long time to understand what animal rights mean” – (Youssef Hussein, Egyptian satirist)

For years Egypt has exported cotton, grain and natural gas. Now, it appears, the country will be exporting cats and dogs, too.

On Wednesday, the Egyptian agriculture ministry confirmed that it had recently licensed the export of 4,100 cats and dogs to a number of countries. The news has been met with grave concern by animal rights activists, who say they are worried that the creatures will be sent to countries where they may be eaten and mistreated.

Streune in Kairopg

In September and October, licenses to export 2,400 cats and 1,700 dogs from different breeds were granted, according to the General Authority for Veterinary Services (GAVS).

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Switzerland: Honor the 134 Activists of Bell!








Blockade of the Bell slaughterhouse (Switzerland) by 134 antispecies activists from Angletterie, Belgium, France, Italy and Switzerland. Our place is between the knives and the victims. 17 hours of solidarity between activists to co-resist with the 600 animals killed every day in one of the biggest places of the speciesist massacre in Switzerland. Photographs: Julien Derreux # 269AnimalLiving #SmashSpeciesismByMakingARevolution #JusticePourLesAnimaux

Aktivisten von 269Lifejpg
The 134 activists come from England, Belgium, France, Italy and Switzerland and start on 21.11.2018 their ninth hour of blocking at the Bell slaughterhouse (Switzerland).
Despite the terrible and delirious repression of antispeciesists activists practising direct action, they have chosen to continue along this path.
We should all show them our support and above all show, as they do, solidarity with the oppressed who resist alone in these places.
By intervening between the knives and the victims, these 134 antispeciesists activists practice a new form of “defense for others” and break this speciesist dividing line between bodies worthy of defense and those who, disarmed or made abusable indefinitely, are left defenseless.

They have shut down one of Switzerland’s largest slaughterhouses and bent the speciesist industry. No individual will lose his/her life in this place today, no one will be pushed into this terrible “death row” stained with the fear and blood of the victims.
Have we experienced so many of those moments when the balance of power reverses to neglect them when they occur?
The real radicality is taking action.
Direct action brings efficiency and power; what are you waiting for to join them?

My comment: “Exploitation has become obsolete as an evolutionary strategy” Colin Tudge said.
And that is what we, who fight against the exploitation of animals, must enforce and prove by all peaceful means.

My best regards to all, Venus




Haifa: Dachau- slaughterhouse for the world to see!


Israel png

Our undercover operative who worked for 8 months inside the Haifa slaughterhouse speaks for the first time exactly one year after the broadcasting of the investigation.


Special thanks to the ‘Animals’ association which concurrently conducted their own undercover investigation inside the same slaughterhouse. Their recordings are incorporated in the operative’s testimonial. The operative has asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal. What he did was incredibly brave and he is a hero for the animals. For 8 months he had to witness the horrors in silence in order to bring them to light, for the world to see.

If you have been affected by this video and would like to make a change, please click on the following link for a 22-day vegan experience (International) where you will receive support every step of the way.

From me: For this video, I miss the words to write a correct comment.
I have only one message, to all countries, and especially to the country that has suffered the most under fascism, Israel: Abolition of all Dachau for animals, no fascism for animals in slaughterhouses and in everyday life! Such crimes against animals in slaughterhouses revive times that were a disgrace to humanity.
Israel knows it best!

Best regards to all, Venus

USA: Trump – Climate Change Denial – At What Cost To American Citizens ?




Full article:


President Donald Trump, Florida Gov. Rick Scott, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, and others who oppose action to address human-induced climate change should be held accountable for climate crimes against humanity. They are the authors and agents of systematic policies that deny basic human rights to their own citizens and people around the world, including the rights to life, health, and property. These politicians have blood on their hands, and the death toll continues to rise.

As the Earth warms due to the continued burning of coal, oil, and gas, climate-related disasters that include high-intensity hurricanes, floods, droughts, extreme precipitation, forest fires, and heat waves, pose rising dangers to life and property. Hurricanes become more destructive as warmer ocean waters feed more energy to the storms. Warmer air also carries more moisture for devastating rainfalls, while rising sea levels lead to more flooding.

big power plant

Yet Trump and his minions are the loyal servants of the fossil-fuel industry, which fill Republican party campaign coffers. Trump has also stalled the fight against climate change by pulling out of the Paris Agreement. The politicians thereby deprive the people of their lives and property out of profound cynicism, greed, and willful scientific ignorance.

A group of world-leading ecologists recently highlighted that critical Earth systems could spiral out of control. The Nobel-prize winning Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change has also just released a harrowing report showing that the world has just a few years left to move decisively towards renewable energy if it hopes to achieve the globally agreed target to limit warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial average temperature of the planet.

trump en4

The huge bills for Hurricanes Florence and Michael will now start rolling in: funerals, suffering, sorting through debris, and perhaps $30 billion in losses that could have been reduced dramatically through science-based planning and foresight.

The American people are paying a heavy cost for the cynicism and cruelty of politicians in the pocket of the fossil-fuel industry. It is time to hold these reckless politicians to account.

trump feb 2dying earth


Taepyeong: A hell for animals closes …




South Korean authorities have announced they have shut down the Taepyeong-dong complex, the country’s largest dog slaughterhouse, following pressure from animal rights activists to end South Korea’s custom of eating dog meat.


In a press release, Human Society International (HSI) announced the city council of Seongnam, where Taepyeong is located, intended to build a community park where the slaughterhouse once stood, „creating a fun public space where once hundreds of thousands of dogs a year were gathered from the country’s thousands of dog meat farms to be killed by electrocution.“

Hunde farmen in Korea

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