Chanel Is Kicking Fur and Exotic Animal Skins !


Hi Mark,

Have you heard the great news?

Chanel is kicking fur and exotic skins – including crocodile, lizard, and snake skin – to the kerb.

For decades, PETA and our affiliates have been sharing exposés of the fur and exotic skins trades. Crocodiles, lizards, and snakes may be poached from their natural habitats or raised on squalid farms and killed in the most gruesome and painful ways before their skins are exported to Europe and used by “luxury” brands.

Reptiles, just like mammals, are sensitive to pain, yet they are frequently mutilated without any prior stunning or painkillers.

Mark, this horrendous cruelty needs to stop. You can help end it by asking Louis Vuitton to follow Chanel’s lead.

Please urge luxury fashion company LVMH to shed exotic skins from Louis Vuitton and all its other brands.

 Take Action Now 

Thanks for speaking out for animals.

Kind regards,

Priya S


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