‘Happy Holidays’ From Our Friends at Project Coyote. Join Up and Win Bri’s Guitar !

Visit them at   http://www.projectcoyote.org/ 

Better still – join up and become part of the pack like us.

You could win Brian’s very special ‘red’ guitars – see below.


PC 1 Xmas

Own A Red Special Guitar from Queen’s Brian May

“You may know me as a founding member of the rock band Queen. As a devoted animal advocate who believes in standing up for the underdog—those species most maligned and misunderstood by society—I pledged my support to Camilla and her team many years ago, after I learned about the remarkable work Project Coyote is doing on a very lean budget to protect coyotes, wolves, bobcats, and other North American carnivores.

Now I’m proud and excited to invite you to support Project Coyote by participating in our holiday auction for a signed Brian May Red Special Guitar, which I hope will bring the winning bidder (or a very lucky giftee!) as much joy as it has brought me.”


Brian May
Founding Member & Lead Guitarist ~ Queen

Founder ~ Save Me Trust

Brian May Badgers

Project Coyote Ambassador




PC 2 Xmas

BM save me 2

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