Four sets for 196 burned animals!


österreichische Flagge


Fire in stable near Villach, Austria. 196 goats dead.

VILLACH. In a Kärntner Milchziegenbetrieb 196 goats were killed in a fire on Monday night.

As the police reported, the fire had broken out in the factory in Fürnitz (market town Finkenstein, Bez Villach) around 21 clock. Five horses could be saved in time. In use were numerous fire departments of the district Villach with a total of 196 men.


My comment: That’s all! And only from this newspaper!

So much value sets the press on a mass, agonizing death of 196 living beings. No questions, no criticisms, no accusation, how could something like that happen in the 21st century, in a “modern” stable with 196 inmates, who, until their cruel death, brought good money to their slave-keeper!
And if it were humans? Perhaps the Minister of the Interior of Austria would have announced his resignation, because if 196 people burn is a national tragedy.

The real tragedy that we experience every day is the Fascist morality of the people, based on the principle: “they are only animals, people are worth more”!

My best regards, Venus

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