Finnish fur farms: a horror industrie!



Mink, foxes and raccoon dogs are kept in tiny cages and suffer terrible wounds when fighting each other. Foxes are bred to a huge size and fattened morbidly. The more fat the animal is, the more fat is the profit.

Finnland.jPelz Tier übergewichtigpg

These conditions were not uncovered in China, but in Europe, in Finland. Now cruel conditions on fur farms were revealed there!

We have reported several times on the terrible conditions in fur farms in China. But did you know that fur farming also has a long tradition in Finland? In Finland about 2.1 million mink, 2.2 million foxes and 134,000 Finnraccoon, that is the name for raccoon dogs, are bred. And how was rediscovered now: in terrible conditions.

There are currently around 800 fur farms in Finland. About 97% of the Finnish fur farms are located in the Ostrobothnia region. The shocking images of the animal rights group spread quickly over the net and it was thought that something would finally be done about it!

In the spring of 2013, a citizens’ initiative with 70,000 signatures called for a ban on fur farming. The Finnish parliament then discussed the citizens’ initiative, but rejected a ban. Finnish farms are the largest producer of fox fur in Europe, where annually around 2.5 million foxes are raised for the world fur trade and are electrocuted. In Finland, such conditions, as they have been documented, are forbidden.

But still the terrible conditions prevail on the fur farms. Foxes and minks suffer from painful infections and are forced into cannibalism if kept in cages.

Finnland-weisser Fuchs mit abgeschnittenem SchwanzA white fox has his tail wrapped through the lattice and the tail is almost completely torn off. A bloody open wound causes additional pain for the animal.

Finnish animal rights activist, Oikeutta Elaimille, who accompanied Humane Society International on the fur farm visits, said, “What we’ve seen on these farms is anything but unusual”.

finnland-kämpfende PelzhundejpgTwo animals are fighting in their tiny cage; The conditions under which the animals live damage not only their physical health, but also their mental health, and they are forced to become more aggressive.


Expensive fashion labels such as Gucci, Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo have been campaigning for fur-free fashion for several years. Just recently, fashion label Chanel has announced that it will be fur-free and will also dispense with crocodile and snake skin. We have already reported about it:

Pelz. Tabelle mit Bezeichnungpg

GAE-Wolf =  Dog Genotte  =  Cat
Gubi  =   Dog Genette  =  Cat
Sobaki  =  Dog Maopee  =  Cat
Feh  =  Squirrel Serval  =  Cat
Ljaguschka  =  Squirrel Sealkanin  =  Rabbit
Kojah  =  Mink Nutriette  =  Rabbit
SAMI  =  Mink Caraccal  =  Lynx

Every year more than 135 million animals are killed for their fur worldwide. Since the ban on fur farming in 2000 for ethical reasons, the UK has continued to import fur from many other countries such as Italy, France, Poland and China. Also from Russia and Finland, are the conditions on fur farms just as bad or even worse.

Something like a pet-friendly fur farm, there are only in the fairy tales that the fur industry likes to spread.

My best regards, Venus

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