How can we make the killing more sustainable?


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In Germany, the most read weekly magazine is “Der Spiegel”. Earlier, and as long as the newspaper was under the leadership of its founder, Rudolf Augstein, was a left-liberal news magazine with a very good level.

Today “Der Spiegel” has come down to the level of Infotainment.

On Monday, 17.12.2018  the following article has been published as a “main topic”. Title: “No meat is not a solution either”! Obviously, the subject was difficult to handle, so the article is written by 3 (!!) journalists!

Raw meat (chicken breast, pork chop, and beef steak)Foto: der Spiegel

The item

The journalists beginn with the following question: “Have you already ordered the holiday roast? No fear! nobody wants to ruin it for you. We are not vegetarians ourselves. But we have to ask ourselves the question: how can we produce meat more sustainably?” “We all have to ask ourselves this question”.

The reader should not have the opportunity to see that this is not the question! Not for vegans and even for vegetarians the burning question is how can we reduce the meat consumption so, that in the future, the meat eaters will be in the minority of the population.

Der Spiegel continues: “More and more people are eating more and more meat. Over the past 50 years, the world’s population has doubled – and world meat production has even tripled. By 2050, meat consumption could once again grow by 85 percent, warns the UN!”

Here begins the central idea of the article to work manipulatively. If statistics give us only bleak predictions anyway, then the posted question: how can we produce meat more sustainably? “appears as an urgent need! And so the question is not meat or not meat,
but which meat and why.

Der Spiegel: On the other hand, meat is a pleasure. It has been part of our culture for millennia. And it can also be a valuable protein source. Protein from animal products is often easier for humans to use than vegetable protein. Without these animal proteins, humans might not have been able to evolve to Homo sapiens”!

Subsequently, three Homo sapiens appear on three videos: a master butcher, a policeman and hunter, and a journalist who visits an organic farm with gooses.

der Schlachter-Spiegel

The two of them must have paid an extra sum, because they advertise directly their meat business. The journalist cuts the neck of a (bio) goose with a knife himself and ends the murder act with the sentence: “It was not as bad as I thought, I think the procedure is not bad!”

Why all the embarrassing theater? is the question.
Because the title “No meat is not a solution” brings money and readers. Finally, 98% of the country eat animals.
The title “no meat is a solution” would only have problems with the sale, nobody wants to read that he has to stop eating meat.
The butcher,who runs a business with Alfa-class meat, which he produces by hand. 100 gr. 2 Euro!
The cop, who” plays” hunters in his free time, only sells fresh and healthy bodies from the forest, which he sells in his shop.

der Jäger-spiegelpg
Both are THE solution, for  “der Spiegel”, a solution that favors the higher profits, but at the same time puts the magazine in Boulevard Scala.
Look at the videos on the link! they are unfortunately in German, but the third will understand everyone. It is the visualization of the title that I gave in my article.

der Journalist-spiegel

My best regards, Venus

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