Harmony Fund – December News. Please Donate If You Can.

We are more than pleased to have a monthly standing order with Harmony; so that so many strays in need the world over can be cared for a little more.

Please join up or give them a donation if you can – thanks – WAV.


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With their knees pressed against the snowy ground, our rescue volunteers are pouring bag after bag of kibble and coaxing hundreds of frightened dogs and cats to have something to eat as they begin another winter day.

The animals we feed congregate in landfills, cemeteries, factory complexes, empty fields and at the forests’ edge. Our street feeding programs are not the most heralded part of our work, but they are absolutely critical in supporting the comfort and survival of animals awaiting rescue.

There is always a steady flow of animals welcomed into the rescue program, but we can only take more of them in when others are adopted out.

During the “waiting period” we give homeless animals the simplest form of human kindness. We bring them food to make sure they are not searching for their next meal, which often results in days with nothing palatable to eat. When we offer them meals, the animals have far less exposure to the wind and snow. They can eat and then hunker down in their hiding places. It truly makes a huge difference. And in the near future, we hope to expand community spay/neuter operations to sterilize higher numbers of homeless animals.

Your ongoing donations are the only reason we will be able to buy more food at the end of the month to begin this mission all over again in January. We are more thankful than words could ever say.



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Bosnian native Naida Kaltak is a 365-day-a-year hero who leaves very early each morning, often before the sun is up, so that she can bring meals to animals before she goes to work.

“The weather is terrible with temperatures below freezing,” said volunteer Nancy Wilkinson who helps us translate conversations with Naida. “Thankfully the kennels are insulated, but it is the poor strays we worry so much about. The strays especially need food these days to help keep warm and to make sure that, if nothing else, they have full tummies. Naida has to travel on foot to many locations, and even for her at home, the water is frozen. Life is not easy at the best of times, but in these conditions…”

“There are two mums and seven pups that are at the garbage dump,” Nancy explained. “Naida has been feeding them but she knows the pups, at least, will not survive the winter. She can’t possibly take them all in unless she has funds to cover their costs.”

“Naida is drowning in debt and now there are injured puppies,” Nancy continued. “She doesn’t take every dog she sees but some just can’t be left. The first dog has two broken legs after being hit by a car and couldn’t move. The second boy was also hit by a car and if she hadn’t taken him, his injuries would have become infected and he surely would have lost his life after suffering a great deal. The third tiny boy was hiding by the rubbish bins in the middle of Sarajevo and sadly many people saw him and just walked by. He has a broken scapula. The fourth is a little girl, again no one stepped up, she has a broken femur.”

We would like to send Naida a donation next week to get more dogs to safety, to cover some of the big veterinary expenses for the animals struck by cars and to help her continue her daily rounds at the edge of the forest where many homeless dogs are living.
Click Here to Donate to Naida’s Rescues



Har 3

It has been a very good year for the dogs at Sasha’s free-running dog sanctuary in Serbia. As winter begins to dust the ground with snow, the dogs are in their best possible condition as nourishing food is flowing. But even more exciting is the news that adoptions are picking up and we hope to find homes for 150 dogs over the next twelve months.

“For the first time, five shelter dogs went to Sweden,” Sasha said earlier this week. “Starting in January, our rescue partner there has agreed to adopt 10 of our dogs each month. And in December alone, 19 dogs were adopted to homes in Belgium. I am so happy that a large number of dogs will find their warm homes now and in 2019.”

“Every year, the number of dogs has increased, since the situation around the adoptions was far worse than it is now,” Sasha continues. “But our teammates at the Dog Happiness organization in Belgium promote new adoptions and collect resources for additional feeding, hay, wood, equipment for workers, parasite tablets, ampoules against fleas, new dog houses and so forth. Without that help I do not want to imagine what the overall situation would be. They sacrifice their annual vacations and all their free time to help dogs, they give me great support, strength and will to solve all problems related to shelter. And the main pillar that keeps entire shelter up is, of course, the Harmony Fund. You have unconditionally helped the last 5 years and I am very happy to work together with you to create the best possible conditions for the dogs. I am convinced that life does not happen randomly. We were brought together for a purpose.”

As the year draws to a close, we want to offer all of you our very deepest thanks. Together we have made a difference of hundreds of Serbian dogs and will continue to do so for many years to come. Your donations are helping us to be sure the dogs have ample food, shelter, veterinary care and protection-from-cruelty. They play with balls, they explore the grounds and they even enjoy some home cooked meals. All of this is made possible through your kindness.






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