UK: A Christmas Gift From the UK To The Elephants of the World – Dealing In Ivory Is Now A Criminal Offence !




UK ivory ban becoming law is the best Christmas gift for the world’s threatened elephants!

20th December, 2018

Malawi elephant


Today, we and our nine campaign partnersPDF are delighted to see the UK Government’s Ivory Bill receive Royal Assent to become law.

In future, most ivory sales in, to and from the UK will be treated as criminal offences.

Mary Rice, our Executive Director, said: “Following on the heels of China’s closure of its own domestic ivory market at the start of the year, this is the best Christmas present the UK could have given the world’s threatened elephant populations in Africa and Asia.

“The Ivory Bill becoming law is an important move which recognises the need to take firm action to protect elephant populations from poaching and ivory trafficking.

After years of sustained campaigning, we welcome the news and hope that countries which still have legal domestic ivory markets will see this as the standard to aspire to.”

Source – Environmental Investigation Agency (London) –


WAV Comment –  ‘Yes’ – Job Done !!!

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