A Message From Venus and Mark (Founders – WAV / SAV).


Thank you 3


To all our readers, friends, animal lovers

A year is finishing, a new one is coming.

For all of us who see it as a mission to fight for the rights of animals and to give them a better world, there is always a balance sheet exclusively dealing with this mission.

What have we achieved in this direction is often a difficult decision for us personally, how much do we write that is good, how much do we write that is sad.

We all know that we are always faced with a perfectly equipped system of violence, lobbying and exploitation that makes our struggle ever more difficult.

Witnessing the suffering of any animal(s); through video, photos or other media routes is never an easy one for any of us.  It takes its toll; but we have to be strong against an often stronger opposition of abusers, bureaucrats and politicians.

Through our blog sites, ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/  and ‘World Animals Voice’  https://worldanimalsvoice.com/ , we aim to cover as many issues as we can in often, the harshest of blogs – with us, what you see is what you get; cruelty is cruelty and we will never disguise the daily system of abuse and suffering that many animals have to endure the world over.

On the other hand, we know that only if we all fight together against this ‘system’ of abuse, do we then have any chance of winning campaigns.

Illustration with joyful piggy who says - thank you. For design of funny avatars, posters and cards. Cute animal in vector

Looking back, we realize that all the best this year has already been achieved by many using this very same approach, because we participated in solidarity and cooperation in actions, that wanted to abolish the suffering and slavery of animals.

So we have to continue to move forward into next year: active, solidary, united!

Also in the New Year (of 2019) we will do a part in this fight with our two blogs. With information, education, criticism, and facts !

Stay true to us, we all remain faithful to the animals, and faithful to you, our dear campaigner friends !

What one alone does not achieve, many unite to create victories together.  Be part of our team uniting in achieving victories !.

In this Sense and with this hope, we wish you all a healthy and happy new year of fighting for the voiceless in 2019.

Best wishes – Venus and Mark.




Here is a message from Erika at Animal Aid Unlimited that shows this exactly:


UNITE to make dreams a reality !

One thought on “A Message From Venus and Mark (Founders – WAV / SAV).”

  1. Dearest friends Venus and Mark, true friends to the animals. I had written a little message to you here when this posting first arrived, but I was unable to get it to post.. my error in not knowing what I was doing. I wanted to thank you both for the great good works you are doing… and to let you know that my husband and I stand in strong solidarity with you on behalf of the animals. It is a continuous hell for the animals with all that man’kind’ inflicts upon them, and few are the voices and hearts that speak up for them. Thank you both for the tremendous work you are doing and for being a compassionate and powerful voice for the animals. Always for the animals’ liberation, Carol…


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